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United Airlines Disrespects Quincy

Today my husband left Stuttgart for Frankfurt and after a layover of 5 hours, onward travel to Dulles Airport in Washingon, D.C. with our cats; Bandit(epileptic) in the cabin and Quincy in baggage.  We decided not to drug Quincy because, … Continue reading

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Sens Soir

Jade began her October vacation this weekend and we are back in Sens.  We drove down instead of taking the train because we had to bring the cats and Quincy, detesting travel of any kind, is particularly unhappy on the … Continue reading

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Border Crossings

Having spent more than half our lives in foreign countries, many of them African, we’ve crossed a few borders.  In West Africa, we loved to hop in the car and travel to a neighboring country for 3-4 days.  Border crossing … Continue reading

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Le Weekend: Chez Parret and Provins, France

Saturday My husband came rolling in from Stuttgart at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, just in time for lunch with Le Parret, Antonio and Chantal.  He had said that he wanted mussels, so I made a rich creme fraiche and roquefort … Continue reading

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Paris Express

Jade had to go into Paris for educational testing.   Our usual excitement was missing because we knew that this would be work, not play 🙁  Our philosophy has been that if you’re going to Paris, your time is your … Continue reading

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Of Lumberjacks, Gluttony and Rampant Excess

I’m back in Germany but will be leaving in a few days for France.  Hallelujah!  By the end of any vacation we spend in the States we are totally worn out from eating and drinking to excess; just ready to … Continue reading

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En Balade: Au Tournedos

When we lived in Niger, we joined a riding club organized by expatriate French police and firemen.  This was a wild group of horse fanatics who just loved to take the horses “en balade” which began with  a 5-6 hour … Continue reading

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Strawberry Festival, Esslingen, Germany

What a Saturday!  We attended a strawberry fest in Esslingen, Germany that I would call one of my best experiences since I’ve been in Stuttgart! So what was so great?  Well, number 1 was that as you strolled through the festival, … Continue reading

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L’Esperance Restaurant, Soufflenheim France

Boy did we get lucky today!  Back from a trip to Jade’s school in Walbourg, France to discuss the vicissitudes of a 16 year old in boarding school, we desperately needed refreshment before continuing our trip back to Stuttgart.  Of … Continue reading

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Taverne Kohler Rehm, Strasbourg

I want some Staub bakeware.  I have Le Creuset and Emile Henry but I also like the rustic, simplicity of Staub.  Look at Frugal’s mini casseroles http://frugalfeeding.com/2013/04/16/springtime-minestrone/.  So pretty! Unfortunately, I had just made an outrageous hit on the fine china … Continue reading

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