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Scallops, Spinach and Mushrooms

Our daughter Jade is crazy for sea scallops.  Whenever we’re in a restaurant she immediately turns to the seafood section in the menu, hoping for scallops.  I decided to make some for her back-to-school lunch today since my husband has … Continue reading

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It’s So Wrong! And Cod Fish Marinated in Miso

Whenever I talk to some people about Japanese food they say, “Oh yeah, I just love sushi”! It’s so annoying and it’s so wrong!  Sushi is just one type of Japanese cuisine! In fact, not even the Japanese eat sushi … Continue reading

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Salmon Anytime, Anyway

I bought a nice, big piece of salmon yesterday at Leclerc’s.  It was a difficult decision because they had a beautiful, small piece of Irish salmon also.   I asked Jade and she voted for big.   It was unanimous. … Continue reading

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Hungry Woman Asian-like Turkey Bowl

On Sunday morning I woke up late and starving!  I really had no time to grab anything; the dog was moaning for her morning walk, I had to get to the grocery store for urgent items before they closed at … Continue reading

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