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Grilled Chicken Shawarma

Shawarmas were one of the few, good fast foods we could find in the countries we lived in and traveled to while overseas.  In West Africa they were usually Lebanese, in England and Ireland they were Turkish or Greek.   The … Continue reading

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Roasted Lamb and Potatoes

I guess Tonio Mendes is my favorite eater.  His appreciation of simple country dishes was acquired in Portugal where he was born and raised.  This lamb tajine is inspired by “Arni me Patates sto Fourno“, a rustic Greek dish that … Continue reading

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Roasted Lamb Souvlaki with Butter Bean Soup

As children we all hated lima beans.  My mother didn’t so we ate them, unenthusiastically to be sure, but we ate them.  Democracy ended at the dinner table and crazed protesters where ejected or worse.  However everyone loved butter beans boiled … Continue reading

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Grilled Lamb Roast with Asparagus

I bought this lamb roast at Fresh Paradise http://www.frischeparadies.eu/stores/stuttgart.html, assuming that it was a boneless roast because it was small and round.  However, there was a bone inside.  I only discovered it yesterday when I was intending to butterfly and marinate … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

It snowed before Halloween!  Of course when we arrived here everyone said, “We don’t get much snow here in Stuttgart because the city is located in a bowl,  etc, etc.”  I think everyone forgets about Winter and what happened as … Continue reading

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Living in the City

I just realized something yesterday that all of you have probably knew.  Stuttgart is a city and not in a Paris kind of way.  It’s a city like Washington, D.C. or New York or Los Angeles.  Big, sprawling and impersonal. … Continue reading

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Tzatziki with Grilled Lamb

Today is French National Day or Bastille Day.  Basically, on July 14, 1789, the French rabble stormed the fortress-prison Bastille and thereby brought about the abolition of feudalism, making each French person a royal in his own right, a French state … Continue reading

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Greek Moussaka

In keeping with my resolution to empty the freezers before I buy another thing to go in them, I defrosted some ground lamb and grilled eggplant slices to make moussaka.  Moussaka is one of the first dinner party dishes I … Continue reading

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A good friend of ours took us to a restaurant in South East Washington called Cava.  They specialize in mezze or small plates with a Mediterranean flavor.  The food was good and perfect for chatting and sipping a rather Americanized retsina. … Continue reading

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Arni me Patates sto Fourno: Greek Roast Lamb with Potatoes

Old school meat and potatoes A liberal sprinkling of oregano This reminds me of the kinds of meals we had when I was a kid.  Nothing too exotic, but wholesome and filling.   GREEK ROAST LAMB WITH POTATOES 1 baby … Continue reading

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