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Ground Steak, Cucumber Pickle and Spinach

I bought a package of mini cucumbers the other day because they were cute and had a picture of what looks like a little Haitian boy on the cover.  Maybe he’s not Haitian, although the cucumbers came for Canada (all … Continue reading

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Udon Shrimp Bowl and Miso Salmon

I love the vegetables in Asian cuisine and especially those in Japanese noodle bowls. I’m always so nervous when cooking the vegetables.   I don’t want them to lose their beauty and crunch.   I suppose it’s because my mom, … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Char Sui Quail

Miserable weather outside today.   I decided to put the internet country music radio station on, put on my boots and go all cowboy on some quail, beheading them (why oh why do the French feel it’s necessary to leave … Continue reading

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Ribs, Pork Belly and Fennel Cucumber Salad

One more. Yeah! I’ve got a temporary respite from workers trashing the house.  I decided that I would clean the dust, gravel and what have you from the floors, ceilings and surfaces.   I took out the other part of … Continue reading

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