Easy Beef Pot Roast

I guess I’ve got Michelle Obama’s “low grade” depression.  I made this beef pot roast            un-enthusiastically over 2 weeks ago and am just getting around to posting it, even though it turned out better than I expected.  When ever I think of beef pot roast, I think of dried out meat and overcooked vegetables.  Not so in this case!  The beef was juicy and the vegetables were perfectly cooked.

My husband found this chuck roast at the Sunrise Market.  The Sunrise is a nice, small market with polite and helpful staff and is open everyday at sunrise, in case you run out of eggs or other breakfast supplies.  Most of their products are locally sourced and that’s a good thing 🙂

My herb garden is a nuclear explosion of fresh herbs, so I added lots to the vegetables with olive oil.

This was so easy.  I browned the roast, put it on top of the vegetables, covered, then roasted for 2 – 2 1/2 hours a 350 F.

Sandwiches were also enjoyed.

No, I didn’t bake.  This coconut cake is from The Willow River Gallery & Cafe in Honesdale.

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6 Responses to Easy Beef Pot Roast

  1. jmcheney says:

    Have you tossed out all your onions, Rosemary, now with the FDA onion recall/ban on all kinds & colors, green included, because of salmonella poisonings? I find it very hard to do & to think of cooking without them. I guess ior the time being its onion powder, chives & home grown onions (if only the squirrels hadn’t pulled out those 4 I planted. This adds to My low-grade depression.

  2. This year is exhausting. I think we’re all finding several times where the motivation hasn’t shown up. It definitely calls for comfort food!

  3. cgiayvia says:

    Low grade depression, check. But I remember a picture of your glorious herb garden from one or two posts back and that is a joyful thing. And at least we still have the comforts of comfort food. Plotting a pot roast for as soon as the weather here turns crisp.

  4. Amanda says:

    It was chilly herein Northeast Ohio this morning – your pot roast and the chill in the air reminded me it’s time to start pulling out the fall recipes. Your roast looks delicious!

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