Wagyu Beef Burger

A longtime blogging friend,  award winning Conor Bofin posted a tantalizing grilled, wagyu beef burger on his blog the other day.  The beef from these Japanese cattle when raised in Japan and from the tajima strain are known as kobe.  Kobe beef is banned in the United States.  The Australians buy and raise this strain of wagyu cattle in Australia and can legally export the beef to the U.S. because they are not raised in Japan.  Whatever.  I’d never had it before and I wanted some.  Online, the closest you can get to kobe is from Steaks and Game , imported from Australia.

The beef patties are formed and sold in quantities of  4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz or 10 oz.  All you need to do is season the burgers to taste, gather your toppings, heat up the grill and choose a very fresh bun.

Our toppings were tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, Swiss cheese and a perfectly ripe avocado.





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