Mont d’Or

Mont d’or is a rich, unctuous cheese that is heated in the oven in it’s box until melted and bubbly.  Like it’s cousins, fondu and raclette, it’s eaten with baguette, cornichons, charcuterie and sometimes small, boiled potatoes.  If you’d like to see how it looked before we ate it, click on the link above 😀

Mr. Parret told me about this cheese over coffee last week.  I’ve had fondu and raclette but had never heard of Mont d’or.  He promised to bring some over for lunch on Friday if I would invite our very friendly and chic neighbors, Bertrand and Caterina.  They are both doctors and will make house calls 🙂  We, of course, were happy to share a meal and conversation with them.

I don’t want to name any names are anything, but M. Parret was late.  In addition, he had not heated the cheese which takes about 40 minutes!  Thank God for the charcuterie, cornichons, olives and roasted peppers.

By the time the cheese was heated, I served it and forgot to take a picture.  It was delicious.  I stopped sniping at M. Parret and served the salad 🙂

I’d like to say that I made this gorgeous pear torte, but too many people know me and probably would comment.  I bought it at the bakery where we get our daily baguette 🙂




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17 Responses to Mont d’Or

  1. Trix Render says:

    The Mont d’or looks does everything else.. wonder, how did it taste?

  2. Laura McPherson says:

    Wonder if I can find Mont d’Or in Asheville (doubt it …).

    • jmcheney says:

      I am in Asheville too, Laura. Maybe The Fresh Market or Earth Fare, or perhaps The Chop Shop on Chestnut could get it. I doubt it too. I googled Mont D’or & found a site – Murray’s – which has a limited supply for one day shipping. $50 a box. Here is some more info: “Vacherin Mont D’Or is perhaps one of the most sought-after cheeses on the market. A thermalized cow’s milk cheese wrapped in spruce to contain the woodsy liquid interior that, with one taste, commands spontaneous exuberance.

      Extremely rare and highly seasonal, Vacherin Mont d’Or hails from Switzerland on the border of France near the mountain D’Or. Traditionally made with the winter milk of the same cows that produce Gruyere in the summer, this cheese is only available from October until April, making it all the more precious. The cheese must be made from cows munching on straw and fodder; once outside to graze at pasture, their milk is used for larger alpine cheeses. Swiss regulations also dictate the cheese must be produced at elevations of 2,297 feet or higher. Not a dictate, but we highly recommend you enjoy this delectable cheese with a bottle of Gewurtztraminer.”

      It would be grand to feel that ‘spontaneous exuberance’ after one taste. No wonder M. Parret was redeemed.

    • If you go into DC again, you’d have a better chance. The season is now.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    I bet it didn’t last long! Camembert is pretty good unwrapped and heated in the oven, inside the bottom part of the box. You can poke a few pieces of garlic and rosemary into it too. I’m not sure if M. Parret would approve though.
    That’s a beautiful pear torte.

  4. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I would have the confidence to make a pear torte either. Everything looks fabulous regardless and I be the conversation was good! I love the M. Parret stories – what a character!

  5. Stella says:

    You lucky person! Mont d’Or is fabulous!

  6. Joshua Naylor says:

    this is one of my dad and mine favourites. it is quite easy to get in season on the south coast of UK and comparably cheap to what other commenters describe. We tend to eat it with a spoon – not heated!

    • Wow Joshua, I’ll have to try a bite before I heat it 😀

      • Joshua Naylor says:

        Definitely! I kind of think it is expensive (even the price here) so i want it as unadulterated as possible. i sometimes put it on a cracker but normally just the spoon!

        For baking cheese i would generally use a cheap brie or camembert as it elevates it a bit

  7. Michelle Taylor says:

    Looks delicious as usual.

  8. I’ve never tried to heat a Mont d’Or, even though I’ve heard about it – what did you eat with yours (potoatoes, bread, or?) and at what temperature did you heat it?

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