Well I’m back in Honesdale or “Hellsdale” as my friend Trix calls it.  Smart this time, I didn’t download my pictures to the computer in Sens and now can post them at my leisure.

While in France, I tried to eat all my favorites that I wouldn’t find here.  The owner of Chez Guy was helpful in that he called me when he was making veal liver, kidneys, and any of my favorite “offal” dishes.  If it wasn’t for my friend Veronique, I would have forgotten the snails!

The French are so “like whatever” about dates.  They said they would have their Christmas market on December 15th which meant I would miss it because I was returning on the 10th.  The Villiers-Louis market was scheduled earlier.  While Villiers is a smaller town with a smaller Christmas market, it is a farming commune with excellent products that include fois gras, duck confit, duck magret, honey, sausages and the lovely escargots and artisan bread I found there.  Unsurprisingly, Sens also held their market before I left 🙂

The Sens Christmas market features live snails happily grazing on lettuce in a glass enclosure where the “real” French person can choose the ones they want to take home, kill and do unspeakable things to before serving them in a parsley-garlic butter.  The rest of us just buy them ready for the oven, without the drama 😀  They are delicious!


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  1. I love escargots…think it is all that garlic butter!

  2. Delicious, we’re in France for Christmas and really looking forward to all the delicious food we’re planning to eat!

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