Dashi Vegetable Soup

Since I started making dashi stock from scratch, I’d like to eat some everyday.  It’s delicious, so easy to make and so much better than the granules I used in the past.  With the stock as a base, variations are limitless.  A little imagination and at least something in the refrigerator/pantry/freezer and you’re good to go.  Even a pack of ramen noodles cooked in the broth with maybe some chopped scallions is a feast!  Of course I can’t have dashi soup everyday because my husband would most likely suggest we go out for meals and that’s a pretty grim threat around here 🙂  So with that hanging over my head, I make  a meat and potatoes type meal for him (he’s so old school) ; pork chops smothered in onion gravy with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans with shallots.

Then I make dashi soup the next day 😀  I had some sliced pork belly stir fried, boiled quail eggs, daikon, sliced shiitake mushrooms, a cup of uncooked, mixed stirfry vegetables and chopped bok choy conveniently on hand.  I started the dashi by soaking and boiling the kombu while having our morning coffee.

The daikon radish for soup takes at least 45 minutes to boil separately before adding to the nearly finished soup and is only important if you decide to use it as an ingredient in your soup.  It’s really good but so are a lot of things.  Once the ingredients are prepped, they simmer together for about 15-20 minutes.

I have forgiven my donabe and it’s makers for selling a cooking pot that has to be painfully seasoned by boiling rice porridge inside for an excruciating length of time.  I now love my pot and look forward to cooking with it.

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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Wow this recipe looks amazing!

  2. Mad Dog says:

    He’ll love you forever with meals like that and the dashi looks good too!

  3. This looks absolutely delicious…

  4. I love dashi – did you post your recipe for making it?? I can get kombu easy enough but would probably find bonito flakes difficult to find.

  5. That soup looks awesome. Is there a recipe?

  6. Looks delicious.

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