For the past 2 weeks my life has seemed somewhat chaotic and off kilter, while at the same time,   pedestrian, bland and unsatisfying.  I still haven’t figured out why.  I think it started with the yeast.

This is my second fail at cinnamon roll cupcakes.  For this batch I went out and bought jarred refrigerated yeast, thinking that that was the problem, but it wasn’t really.  The refrigerated yeast rose better than the shelf packages, but chaotically.  That’s it!  I know I can successfully make these because I did many times overseas.  The difference was that I had Saf Levure yeast.  My husband is in Senegal now and I’ve asked him to bring a can of Saf Levure back with him.  We’ll see who’s bad now!

In fitting with my new ambiance, I decided to make heavy garlic and ginger, chaos cut, Chinese aubergine.

From the moment I began to cut the aubergine, I felt better.  Balanced.  In sync.  I love aubergine 😀

The large bits of garlic and browned ginger promised a culinary escape from some of my woes.  I cheered up a bit more.

Cured!  Search the blog, if interested, for Spicy Asian Aubergine.



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6 Responses to Chaos

  1. Mad Dog says:

    I like fresh yeast, which comes in little squares wrapped in foil here (from wholefood stores), but it takes hours to rise, so sometimes I use the dried packets from supermarkets. That’s probably no help at all! I did love those baby Asian aubergines I found after reading your post last year though – they are definitely cheerful.
    I saw an Anthony Bourdain show on Senegal – it struck him and me as being incredibly harmonious in a turbulent world. The people Bourdain spoke to, put a lot of it down to the French being non secular, though that didn’t work for any of their colonies, so perhaps it’s down to Senegalese temperament.

  2. I remember that type of yeast from when I was a child. I love those baby aubergines too 🙂 No, there are no religious problems in Senegal but there are starving children begging on the street.

  3. It gets tricky when ingredients aren’t standardized across borders. For the life of me I can’t do a proper Victorian sponge stateside.

  4. I struggled finding decent yeast in Spain when I first lived there, now it’s easier. Sometimes aubergines really do make everything feel better!

  5. Saf yeast is by far the best. I order it online…

  6. Great looking recipe, I’ve bookmarked it for later, when the aubergines are in season again. Shame about the yeast not rising as it should have, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the next batch will be perfect!!

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