Japanese Donabe Steamer

A Japanese donabe is an “earthenware pot made from special clay for use over an open flame.”

It came with a pretty cool steamer insert and can be used as a steamer and/or hotpot cooker.  I’ve had this one for quite a while but have never used it.

Why?  Because the instructions stressed that the hot pot must be “seasoned” before it’s first use to prevent cracks.  Then they went on annoyingly about how I should make a “rice porridge” by filling the pot up to “80% with water” and adding “a bowl of cooked rice”, then heating the mixture on a “medium low” flame to boiling, reducing to simmer and continue cooking until the porridge is “ready.”  WTF!  I did this today because it’s snowing again and I thought I’d take the challenge.  It was as hellish as I thought it would be, the pot would not boil and when I turned it up, it boiled over, losing a “percentage” of the water.  I finally got something that resembled thick Cream of Wheat.  I smeared the hot stuff over the uncovered surfaces that the porridge didn’t reach.  That will have to do.

I knew I didn’t want to do this!   They should have included a tiny Japanese person in the box to supervise!  Well we’ll see.  I’m using it soon!



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12 Responses to Japanese Donabe Steamer

  1. Mad Dog says:

    That looks fantastic – I’m quite jealous in spite of the porridge!

  2. Gorgeous pot but what a complicated process! I love congee but make it overnight in my slow cooker 😀

  3. Rita says:

    LOL, love reading your ‘adventures in cooking.’

  4. Jamchop says:

    Me too LOL, a tiny Japanese person in the box to supervise – hilarious!!

  5. Conor Bofin says:

    I treads like the sort of instructions I put on the blog sometimes. LOL

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