Pork Loin with Apples and Plums

On an overcast and mildly depressing Saturday we were gifted with the company of Anne and Bob Lynch for lunch.  We cheered right up.  They are great company and we shared a drinkable Macon Village table wine imported by Louis Jadot and proudly stocked by the State government liquor store, derisively over priced.  Sigh.  But all was well and we did have a good time.

In general when buying an individual serving from a traiteur (caterer) in France, it is sold in real glass or pottery ware, and over the years I have quite a collection which it pleases me to reuse whenever an opportunity presents itself.  Below are some of my favorites.

I filled these with old school shrimp cocktail;  chili sauce, scallions, garlic chives and gilded the lily with my favorite off the shelf French mayonnaise.

I also had some very fresh quail eggs from Quails R Us Plus, our go to for farm fresh chicken and eggs.

Pork, of course, tastes good with everything but especially cooked with fruits and herbs.  Having both, I used both.  I had some pink lady apples, “red” pears and rather large, dark plums.

It occurred to me that, as usual, I hadn’t given much thought to dessert, so I cleverly decided to side line the pears for an easy dessert of pear crumble 😉  I mixed onions, apples  and thyme sprigs into the bottom of my tajine and dotted all with butter, setting the plums aside to be added later for a shorter cook time.

I popped the pork roast, slathered with herbs, garlic and olive oil on top.

I roasted some parsley sprinkled, small potatoes to add a little heft and satisfy my husband’s Irish leanings 😀

Every year when the sky grays and natural light weakens, I have difficulty getting the pictures I like.  That’s why you’re seeing the pear crumble without the crumble.  Oh well, it takes me a while but I’ll hopefully work it out.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!





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10 Responses to Pork Loin with Apples and Plums

  1. Mad Dog says:

    What a feast! I was looking at large pork loin joints today – there’s a UK supermarket selling them at silly prices for Black Friday, which in itself is silly here, because, for obvious reasons, we don’t have Thanksgiving.
    I do love the fact that a lot of French mayo comes with mustard included in the ingredients.

  2. Nadia says:

    What did you use the quail eggs for?

  3. What a wonderful night of food!

  4. A beautiful meal shared with good friends…perfect!

  5. chefkreso says:

    These are some really beautiful photos, and a delicious recipe as well must admit.. 🙂

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