We got back to the States on August 31st.  It’s truly a shame I didn’t have time to post the last meals we had in France.  I didn’t have a lot of time and felt a bit down about leaving, especially with harvest season coming on.  Because of health considerations, so far I can only stay gone for 3 months.  Next year we will leave here on August 31st for a 3 month stay for two reasons.  Seafood and produce is at it’s best then and the those pesky French laborers will be back from vacation and we’ll be able to get some things done on the house.

Good news is that we saw Willie Nelson and Van Morrison in Hershey, Pa (not far from here) on September 10th.  We thought we’d better get that done before we or Willie and Van buy the farm 😀  Great concert.  Yeah Willie’s really old but we know all the words to his songs and he hasn’t forgotten how to play the guitar 🙂  Van is Van and we hope to see him in Ireland one day playing with his Irish musicians.

While we were in Hershey, we took the opportunity to hop over to Allentown, Pa to the Evergreen Asian Grocer to pick up supplies before we came back to the “deep country”. What a great store!  It’s so unfair that we don’t have more Asians in this part of Pennsylvania.  Asian people, it’s pretty here!  Come on down!

Of course I made my favorite spicy, garlic aubergine dish first.  That always cheers me up 🙂  I’m getting some Japanese Donabe cooking pottery which features steaming and smoking.  Can’t wait.



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  1. mawarre says:

    Looks delicious. It’ s one of the great bonuses of living in Australia..a national love of Asian food. In most supermarkets, even in larger country towns, you can get most of the core ingredients for Asian cooking. I remember visiting friends of mine in a small country town last year and having a hankering for authentic Thai, and being able to get everything I needed (even shrimp paste) from the supermarket – not even an Asian grocer. Hope you have more fun with dashi and miso and all the other great Japanese ingredients you picked up. margaret

  2. Nadia says:

    Where did the summer go? Feels like you just arrived and I only saw 1 or 2 posts. Did I miss them or did you not post much this year?
    Hope everything is ok healthwise. How great it must have been to see Willie Nelson.

    • Hi Nadia. The 3 months did go by rapidly. I posted but not as usual; trying to get things done on the house when the whole of France is on vacation was frustrating. Still we had a wonderful time with our friends and a little travel in France. Willie and Van are icons. My health is great, just have to keep it that way.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    I’m sure you had a fantastic time in Sens – I’ll be looking forward to you going back next year (the months seems to fly these days) and, of course, more posts from Pennsylvania. I’m sure Willie Nelson was brilliant – he’s a great musician and I love that battered old guitar of his.

  4. Van Morrison must have been amazing!

  5. That must have been quite a concert. Was wondering if you could please post the eggplant recipe? It looks delicious! Thanks.

  6. Amanda says:

    If you ever get the urge to drive on over to Cleveland Ohio, we have quite a good Asian population and several great Asian markets and restaurants as well. My favorite thing is to get Pho for takeout this time of year, when the weather cools off a bit. Delicious! Though I’d take dining in France over Pho ANY day ; )

  7. arsenios says:

    It’ s one of the with child(p) bonuses of sustenance in Australia. .

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