Easter 2017

Finally getting around to this.  I’ve been a little busy preparing to close down the house here in Honesdale, while dealing with the day to day.  Anyway.

In the Sahel of West Africa (Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal), the women prepare a drink from ginger root called gingembre (ginger in French); delicious, stimulating and maybe, depending on the strength, eye popping 🙂  Our family loves it so I decided to make a batch for Easter.  We’re not in France and I didn’t want to disappoint ourselves and the food with a sweetened, fruity, “wine” from some of our States who have convinced themselves that wine can be made anywhere, including Pennsylvania, because of those handy dandy grape concentrate pouches.  Cringe.

I sliced up about 6 “hands” of ginger, skin on, then chopped them in the food processor. Actually, next time I will grate them.  I think that’s more authentic but I was lazy 😉

I boiled about 8 cups of water and poured it over the ginger, letting it steep for for about 2 hours before straining into an enormous plastic pitcher and adding 3 cloves, a cinnamon stick, juice from 3 lemons and sugar to taste.  At this point the gingembre will be scorching spicy.  Don’t worry, add about 4 more cups of hot water and set aside for another hour. Stir in 2 cups of 100% pineapple juice, taste, adjust sugar if necessary and refrigerate.  Serve with slices of navel oranges.  Refreshing drink for summer that’s why the West Africans always make it because it’s always summer in the Sahel 🙂

Since the whole family hadn’t been together for a while, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when we could have the time to catch up with each other.  Oven roasted, herbed carrots and parsnips.

They complained that I didn’t make enough carrots and parsnips.  So I felt it was my duty to shame them about how this meal of ham, roasted vegetables and potatoes could sustain a large multi-wife,  Sahelian family for a week.

I mean, they had gumbo for an appetizer!

Of course they just laughed at me with food in there mouths 😀

Of course I felt guilty, especially because they were clamoring for more vegetables, however they seemed to make do with the ham and potatoes.  For God’s sake!  There were only 5 of us!

And what about that white chocolate panna cotta with blueberry compote that drove the paucity of vegetables right out of their minds?  Huh?

Kids and husbands today 😀


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13 Responses to Easter 2017

  1. rita Koch says:

    Rose, love seeing your pictures and narration of your Easter dinner with the family, but the BEST picture by far was the shot of them all around the table, enjoying every minute of the meal and the company!

  2. Laura says:

    OMG, looks like you had a great meal and a wonderful time. Kids look good – like the look of Brian’s friend :). Thank you for the easy-to-follow gingembre recipe, we have about 50 weeks of summer/year here in Miami!

  3. It all looks delicious! Shame on them for shaming you! 😀

  4. Mad Dog says:

    That ginger drink would turn into a variation on ginger beer if you let it ferment. You can add yeast, but it should take natural yeast from the air like sourdough bread. Great feast!

  5. Nadia says:

    Looks delicious. You heading back to France soon?

    • Thank you Nadia. Yes, things are moving along in that direction. We have to get some landscaping done in the front yard before we leave. I remember when all we had and were responsible for were the things that could fit inside a CJ5 jeep, including a large German Shepard/Doberman mix. Those times are long gone.

  6. What a beautiful feast and a lovely family. I’ve got to try that gingembre this summer, it sounds fantastic!

  7. What a wonderful feast – your family are very lucky to have you!! 😉 Love those little Dutch houses in the pictures! And I will try the gingembre, sounds as though it could be delicious hot on a cold winter’s night too!!??

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