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Beef, Mushrooms and Spinach Noodles

Today is my birthday and I’m starting to get really old 😀  In any case, I decided not to go out to lunch, but to continue to hand strip my Irish Terrier, Jessie. This is the first time I’ve attempted stripping … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Pho Broth

I was just pining for real Asian noodles with broth and wishing that someone would cook them for me.  Our Asian takeout restaurants, like in many towns and cities here in the U.S. cater to Americans who don’t really want … Continue reading

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Hakurei Turnips with Greens

Vegetables from Wayne County, Pennsylvania local farms seem to be outrageously expensive!  It might be because the market prices are driven by the demand from high end, city restaurants and boutique grocers. Still, it’s nice when good quality, local vegetables are available even … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Sega Alicha with Gomen

Our family lived in Ethiopia for almost 6 years and although Ethiopia is a monetarily poor country, it’s culture is both ancient and rich; dance, music, cuisine, art and couture, they’ve got it all.  Of course it’s the food and … Continue reading

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