Chez le ‘Monger


We’ve been craving tarbouriech oysters but alas my fishmonger says it’s not the season and if you buy them now, they’re white and poisonous looking inside.  Bleah!


In any case, although there’s no “r” in July, we booked an outdoor table for lunch at L’Ambiance des Halles to eat our third favorite, les huitres de Normandie.  Steve suggested we order the smaller #3 size instead of the larger #4 for the sweeter flavor.  Good thing we booked, the place was packed inside and out!


Those who weren’t eating were buying.  Turbot, redfish and sea bass are on sale 🙂


I brought butter from home and purchased a baguette from Boulangerie Bezout to accompany the oysters and a very nice bottle of Fourchaume Chablis.


A refreshing, hot weather meal.  Now we just have to wait for the tarbouriech 🙂





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18 Responses to Chez le ‘Monger

  1. You have to try oysters from Marennes-Oleron. Les Huitres Gillardeau – – are the Rolls Royce of French oysters. 🙂

  2. …by the way, very nice pics and delicious Chablis:)

  3. Mad Dog says:

    They look delicious – I ate a lot of oysters when I lived in Paris – they are considerably more expensive in England.
    I once spent a weekend on St. George’s Island in Florida (Apalachicola Bay), where, at the time, they cost $1.99 for a dozen with a beer at the local bar. I lived on nothing but oysters for 3 days!

  4. Oysters would defnitely be a part of my “last supper” menu if I ever had to make that choice! Do you mean you took your own bread and butter to the restaurant? I do hope so….love your style!

  5. What a lovely lunch! I already miss the lunches over there. I love the pace of it all.

  6. Wow! Stunning photography. Thank you for sharing. Emma xx

  7. FoodBezig says:

    Indeed, great photography! Too bad we don’t have a lot of fish restaurants here in the area.

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