Sandwich Jambon a l’os


There is nothing so good as a sandwich, no matter the filling, made with a fresh, crusty baguette.  I filled today’s sandwiches with watercress, heirloom tomatoes, mayonnaise and jambon a l’os or ham cooked on the bone.

Ham on the bone is pretty expensive here in France, a delicacy.  It’s good, with a flavor almost but not quite like the American, less expensive ham on the bone.  Sometimes the French exaggerate 😀

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  1. Looks so good

  2. jaz says:

    i always loved buying these sandwiches while i was walking around paris.

  3. Ha ha – they’ll be very upset if they know you said they exaggerate! Lacon is the Spanish version of ham on the bone and it’s often served sliced (a bit too) thinly and drizzled with olive oil but Big Man changed his mind when he tasted English gammon, smoked ham etc and decided that it was even better than the very expensive Spanish stuff. I think they sometimes exaggerate too about how good some things are 😉

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    great tasty… thanks Tom

  5. Delicious. I’m hoping to try the french bread and see if it bothers me like bread over here. I’m hoping the wheat is different enough. Because I miss having sandwiches like these. Nothing like it.

  6. Zoe Bordelon says:


  7. Trish says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous tomatoes!! I am a complete tomato snob, nothing short of one picked perfectly ripe from the garden will suffice! I am anxiously awaiting my first ripe tomato, in probably 2 weeks. Then it will be a sandwich, with lovely mayonnaise and sharp, sharp Vermont cheddar. and salt!

  8. Yum yum !!! Tell me, do you by chance follow Chef Mimi? If not, you’ll love her – she also uses fresh ingredients and only the best of those !

  9. Ham on the bone is very English and American….it’d be like trying to find a good baguette in Mississippi:)

  10. Dear good lord

  11. simply damn deliicous!!!
    i think i can made this with my homemade goat prosciutto too……

  12. Nadia says:

    Nothing like a good baguette, butter and excellent ham!

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