Louisiana Crawfish


One of the many reasons that we adore Vadim and Galina is that they like food; to eat, to discuss and to prepare.  Since winter Vadim has been waiting for the crawfish in Lousiania to mature so that we could share a feast.


I wasn’t sure how he would purchase them.  Frozen?  Pre-cooked?  Not at all.  He purchased them for live delivery from the Louisiana Crawfish Company.  Good man!  I will certainly use this service when I return to the States.  Unaware of their imminent demise, the “crawdads” seemed happy, actively swimming and flicking their tails.  Apparently, my drool dripping into the bucket set off no alarms 🙂


I would love to take Vadim and Galina to France with us for the summer!  Le Parret would love them and I don’t think language would be a barrier.


They have such a great house!  This time we sat in the Florida room overlooking the Delaware river.


Galina made a refreshing drink with home grown black currants.  Delicious.


Texas style barbecued baby backs a la Russe.


The ribs were crusty on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.  I’ll have to get Vadim’s barbecue sauce recipe!


Perfectly boiled new potatoes.


Galina’s fresh garden salad with chickpeas.


I made an Asian inspired coleslaw with peanut butter dressing to share, with the tiniest touch of jalapeno pepper for excitement.


I like making this salad and poached the recipe from someone long ago.  It’s easy and delicious.


Before the event, we discussed dessert and decided we would all adore MORE blueberry panna cotta.  In addition, I made pear and apple, pecan crumble.


I created this recipe in Sens when I needed 5 pears but only had 4 and an apple.  Turned out fine.






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  1. Mad Dog says:

    All the food looks amazing, but I would love to eat those crawdads – they look absolutely perfect 😉

  2. rachelbouman says:

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  3. This meal looks wonderful! I made crawfish in a spicy boil about a week ago. Seldom see them up here in New England. Awesome back when I visited NOLA ages ago.

  4. What a spread! Looks like fun times with good folks and amazing food. Would love to be at that table…

  5. kathysimmons says:

    One of the most delicious of your (American) posts. Every single thing looks scrumptioius. Tx Rose.

  6. Now this is a fabulous meal! And the BBQ looks amazing. Love that it is grill weather again. 🙂

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  8. This is some awesome food! I love Louisiana crawfish!

  9. Conor Bofin says:

    I love crawfish. They are taking I’ve some rivers here but are impossible to buy. That’s a pity.

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