My Husband’s Lunch


“Jonesing” for the corned beef brisket I made for St. Patrick’s Day, about a week ago my husband hefted a 4.5 lb brisket into the shopping cart saying that he wanted MORE.  Fine, I didn’t care, you place it into a pot of water and boil it, no stress.

However, it seems that as soon as the thing was boiled, my life partner lost all interest in boiled corned beef and ate only a couple of slices, leaving a gargantuan amount of meat to sit in the refrigerator neglected and drying.

No problem.  My mother taught me a zillion things to do with left over meat chunks.  The above is corned beef and quail egg salad.  Coming up next, corned beef hash and corned beef stew/soup.  He’s forgotten what happened with the chicken breasts 😀


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13 Responses to My Husband’s Lunch

  1. Mad Dog says:

    ROFL Will there be a meatloaf too? 🙂

  2. I love corned beef and could eat corned beef hash all day!

  3. Looking forward to the corned beef hash, i have never had that! love quails eggs.. c

  4. That is a good idea…I must get some quails’ eggs, although probably not the wheelbarrow full of brisket…I do like corned beef hash as well…maybe just a small brisket:)

  5. Sơn says:

    you a nice wife 🙂

  6. Ha ha – why do they do this?! I once had to make pasta sauce with corned beef as I’d promised it to my god children and then forgot to buy the mince – it wasn’t “half bad” as they said!

  7. little367 says:

    yummy this looks great!

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  9. Nice lunch!!

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