Teriyaki Glazed Roasted Country Pork Ribs


I guess you never really know your spouse until you get to see them every day, all day when you are retired.  It’s not like I didn’t know my husband, I knew he would have to be busy or we’d drive each other insane.  I imagined that he would get some hobbies or go somewhere and do some short term consultancies.

But no, he lurks in the kitchen, turning in circles and sampling food that isn’t quite cooked or ready.  Thank God it’s warming up, maybe he’ll go outside.


The Shur Save Supermarket, down the road in Waymart, PA, calls these vegetables yellow and green squash.  Is this a tongue in cheek joke or can’t they spell “summer” or “zucchini/courgette” ?  It’s not just Shur Save, I think it’s State-wide 😀


Anyway.  I roasted the yellow and green squash with my still vibrant fresh oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil.  This always works and you can sprinkle some of Frugal’s pumpkin seeds on these too 😀


Country style ribs are not really ribs to me, they seem more like a chop and very, very meaty.  My husband likes that 🙂


I was thinking of doing these Asian style but loss concentration and added some Emeril’s essence to the garlic and ginger, which turned out to be a good idea.  It would have been better if I had marinated these overnight but I was in a hurry.


After the ribs bake for an hour, they are ready to eat but you can also glaze them with a little barbecue sauce for another additional 15 minutes.  I used a teriyaki sauce but you can use whatever strikes your fancy.


Teriyaki Glazed Roasted Country Pork Ribs

3 lbs country style pork ribs

1 inch fresh ginger

3-4 garlic cloves

2 tbsp Emeril’s essence

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

3 tbsp olive oil

Teriyaki flavored barbecue sauce

Grind the ginger, garlic, essence, salt and pepper together to form a paste.  Add the olive oil, blend well, then rub the paste into the ribs.  Marinate overnight or at least for 2 hours.

Preheat the oven to 400 F, place the ribs on a rack in a roasting pan, then roast for 1 hour. Brush both sides of each rib with the barbecue sauce and continue to roast for 15 minutes.












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  1. Mad Dog says:

    You’ll have to send him out hunting and fishing!
    Those ribs look excellent 😉

  2. Karista says:

    Well you and Nick have posted recipes today that I am totally going to make. Love these flavors!

  3. Ah, I see Karista appreciates us both! I reckon my seeds were a stroke of genius ;). Excellent ribs.

  4. I love the crunchy edges! .. c

  5. I often wonder if that’s what we’ll be like when we retire… We’ll defo swear at each other more, I’m sure of that 😜
    Looks good my friend. It always looks good 👌

  6. The country pork ribs are decidedly my favorite cut from the hog! Looks wonderful!

  7. abdun navi says:

    emmmm,…….look very delicious
    nice picture 🙂

  8. Loving those country ribs and loads of delicious flavors.

  9. Dave says:

    I love the pics and the Peggy Lee! 🙂
    Also, I’d not heard of the spice blend Emeril’s Essence, but found it here:

    Here’s an alternative asian-inspired country ribs recipe, but with a more sweet/sticky/garlic sauce:

  10. Michelle says:

    Ha! Bring on the warm weather, and get him out of the house! Or perhaps send him on a road trip to the nearest Whole Foods (with a long grocery list, of course).

  11. susamaimily says:

    Reblogged this on susamaimily.

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