Fresh Udon


On Thursday we had to make a run into New Jersey for wine and to have our dog Jessie hand stripped.  Liquor stores in Pennsylvania are all government owned, run and stocked with expensive, though no class, bottles of  wine from Barton & Guestier, Louis Jadot and Gallo.  After 6 months of either abstaining or making ourselves ill, we coordinated a liquor run with Jessie’s salon appointment in Union, New Jersey, about 2 hours from Honesdale.


Diamond in the Ruff of Westfield, New Jersey did a beautiful job of hand stripping Jessie and Jessie had a wonderful time with them.  I hope they weren’t too exhausted 😀


We bought a shameful amount of wine and ordered multiple cases for pickup later this week.  Total Wines, a chain, had a decent selection of wines and liquors from France, Spain, Italy and California.  They didn’t have Bailly Cremant nor Monkey 47, but we were not too disappointed.

Union has a marvelous Asian Food Store.  It’s huge!  They have everything; live fish in tanks, Asian vegetables and fruits, every condiment you can imagine and a large refrigerated unit packed with a variety of fresh Chinese and Japanese noodles.  Talk about choice!  It was impossible to choose, so I just took some of everything 🙂  I’ll have to go back soon.



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22 Responses to Fresh Udon

  1. Mad Dog says:

    It sounds like you deserve the wine 😉

  2. Awesome dog, and a beautiful dish. I’m a huge fan of udon 🙂

  3. V 8 Mile says:

    Mmm, udon noodles are so delicious…

  4. I don’t think there is such thing as too much wine but I do enjoy your disdain for crap wine (I do as well and do not appreciate being called a snob for it).

  5. I love Asian stores take me with u !!!! 😀

  6. Any excuse to get the pup cleaned up, eh 🙂

  7. Crikey, I didn’t know things were so dire with wine in PA! We get wine delivered from Virgin Atlantic Wine. Suprisingly good selections. Though some have been doozies. And fortunately our NH liquor stores have a good range.

  8. Oh how I envy you the Asian supermarket – sounds like a place I would adore 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    I wish I had an Asian market near a liquor store that would both be loaded with goodies to bring back home. 🙂

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