Things Fall Apart


I actually made this black eyed pea/potato/meatball stew the day before yesterday but was so disgusted with the whole thing that I couldn’t be bothered to post it.  I decided to post today because I was bored and the pictures were on the camera.


I was really excited when I saw the containers of fresh black eyed peas in the Weiss supermarket, even though the expiration date was that day.  Expiration dates are guidelines; they don’t mean that the product will immediately go into a meltdown or turn toxic the very next day.  Although I did have a friend who believed that and when we were in Niger, where certain products were scarce,  I would hang around her house waiting for something to expire so that she would give it to me instead of throwing it away 😀

The package instructions for cooking the fresh peas said 20 minutes but I’ve cooked fresh beans a lot and I thought it would be more like 40 minutes.  Still, at 20 minutes I checked, at 40 minutes I checked, at 70 minutes I checked and again at 100 minutes I checked, finally giving up and regretting the the good vegetables, spices and meatballs that I had included with the still crunchy black eyed peas.

So that’s why.  No recipe.  No glory.

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24 Responses to Things Fall Apart

  1. Mad Dog says:

    I’ve got some disappointing dried ones in a jar in the kitchen. I cooked them for 12 minutes in the pressure cooker and then added them to a casserole and they cooked for several hours with meat and vegetables. The result OK but not what I’d hoped. You’d think that fresh ones would be quicker and I don’t think the expiry date would affect cooking time. I cooked my recipe again substituting black beans and was much happier 😉

    • The fresh ones are quicker Dog! I don’t know what happened but I’ll use the dried ones in the future. I know that you have to soak them overnight but after that, they work.

      • Mad Dog says:

        A one hour soak in boiling water is fine for all pulse with a pressure cooker 😉

        • I may have cooked beans in a pressure cooker before but I don’t remember it. I’m good with the old school overnight soak method. But fresh is supposed to be fresh, not needing a soak or the pressure cooker.

          • Mad Dog says:

            I’ve been cooking pulses in a pressure cooker for 35 years – do try it, it’s great and no overnight soak needed. You are absolutely right about fresh – they should have been quick. I think I just wanted my black eyed peas to have a softer, more fall apart texture when cooked – hence my disappointment 😉

            • And you’re right. That’s exactly the texture I thought mine would have, even if I had to cook them 5 or 10 minutes beyond the 40 minutes. They’ve ruined black eyed peas for me in the near future.

              • Mad Dog says:

                I think I’ll have to cook them for a bit longer under pressure and see if I can get something I like before composting the remainder 😉

  2. paleovirtus says:

    We’ve all been there….

    Not that long ago I seriously overestimated the amount of tapioca flour I should have used as a thickening agent.

    The result was that the “thickener” became more of a coagulant, with the result that my beautiful Kung Pao chicken congealed into a Sichuan flavoured rugby ball… 😀

  3. Laura says:

    So sorry! I got fresh blackeyed peas at Whole Foods and cooked them up for New Year’s Day – indeed took about 40 minutes but they were lovely with ham hock and greens. I think you just got a really old, dry batch or something, do try again if they reappear next year!!

  4. Fresh beans and me do not get along.

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  6. Conor Bofin says:

    Evil Eye Peas. That’s what they were.

  7. trixpin says:

    How boring for you. It’s so annoying when you put so much effort into creating such a lovely dish. I hope you’ll try it again with a new batch of peas (or some other more trustworthy beans!)

  8. Amber Thomas says:

    You should try it with lentils next time and add lots of spices, had some for my dinner before was a new twist on vegetable chilli. It’s DEVINE!! 😍👏

  9. a simple but tasteful dish. wonderful

  10. Kamal says:

    You have setup a new standard for the word patience 🙂

  11. aaiptc says:

    Hey!! Nice blog!! Can you please follow my blog please 🙂

  12. Mary Frances says:

    Man, I agree with Kamal!!

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