River Grill: Narrowsburg, New York


Narrowsburg, New York is a quaint little town a few miles away and just across the Delaware River from Honesdale, Pennsylvania (our town).  The small main street is chock- a-block with restaurants and boutique shops; antiques, fine wines, furniture, clothing, etc. We’ve always liked this town and it gets a lot of visitors from New York City for the festivals and river sports.


Although the trees in France do change colors in autumn, I have always thought that the colors were muted or maybe discreet at best.  What I have always loved about the U.S. east coast is that our autumn colors are striking, brash and boisterous, with the trees shouting “me, me, me.”  American, quoi 😀


Saturday was a gorgeous day with moderately warm weather and we drove over to Sullivan County, New York to drop Jade off at a birthday party for one of her cousins.  The hills and dales of Sullivan County are “pocked” with Mullallys and the boys all pretty much have the same first names; Brian, Kevin, Patrick, Michael.  A nightmare for the postman.  The girls’ names, while varied, are mostly along the same Irish theme; Kelly, Coleen, Megan, Margaret, Maura.  I love that.  Tradition!

Okay, you probably want to know about those moules/mussels in the top photo.


We lunched at the River Grill on Main Street in Narrowsburg that has both indoor and outdoor tables with a fine view of the river.  Of course on this lovely day, we chose to sit outside.


We were very excited about the menu!  In addition to the day’s “features” their menu offerings of duck breast, salmon and fresh pastas made our jaded, Francophile hearts go pitter-pat 🙂


Normally this kind of food would make wine an essential part of the meal, but we have had so many bad experiences (dry=semi-dry, fruity=tastes like fruit, maybe raspberry, smokey=don’t-have-this), that we stoically decided not to possibly ruin our meal with upscale variations of Gallo’s Thunderbird and Night Train.  We’ll go back later just to try the wine.  Who knows?  It could be good….

Anyway.  The food was great!  As an appetizer, we shared a big bowl of mussels that had a peppery, garlic flavor that, while not traditional, was still interesting.  My one suggestion would be BUTTER and maybe SHALLOTS.  That’s two suggestions.  I’ll bet Jamie Oliver would hate me if he knew me 😀


Well we couldn’t all have the duck breast, so our son who is younger and hungrier was awarded the honor.  Long Island duck breasts come from Pekin ducks of Chinese origin and cannot be referred to as “magrets” because these ducks are not Barbary ducks nor are they force fed.  God forbid.  Still they are flavorful and although the breast was not served rare (there’s probably a law), our son said it was juicy, loved the cherry sauce, grilled vegetables and smashed potatoes.  We all liked the presentation.


My husband had an enormous breaded pork chop that was reminiscent of German schnitzel, however, the Grill’s chef’s innovation was a marvelous lemon sauce topping.  I should have taken a picture of the empty plate.


I have been absolutely craving fresh pappardelle pasta and this big, rich bowl of pasta bolognaise filled the bill.  There was really enough for 2 people but the men were ravenous and happy to help out 🙂  Of course we had no room for dessert but decided instead to go around the corner for espressos.


Good sign.  Bad picture.  Who knew about that shadow 😀  Coffee Creations has good tasting coffee and you can sit outside at little round tables on the sidewalk.  Coffee Creations has good French cafe like demi-tasse cups that they will not fill to the top.  If you order a double espresso, instead of filling up the demi-tasse, they give you a big cup that they don’t fill up either.  They did the same thing in Stuttgart!   I hate that.



















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15 Responses to River Grill: Narrowsburg, New York

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Nice find – you should try their wine if the food’s that good 😉
    I always thought the American Fall trees looked good in movies due to the director and lighting cameraperson shooting early morning or later afternoon, when the light is warm… Then I lived in American and was blown away by the warm red brown colours all day! It’s a beautiful time of year for looking at trees 🙂

    • Most “sophisticated” Americans drink wine like they wear shirts with trendy logos, whether in bad taste or not, having nothing to do with enjoyment. I didn’t say all Americans, but I don’t think that Pennsylvania/New York State DEEP country is going to be the place for wine. Quote from a server at one restaurant in Pennsylvania: “This one is bitter, I mean dry, I like the sweet ones.” I almost slit my wrists but I only had a butter knife.

      • Mad Dog says:

        Ha ha, believe me I know after two years in Atlanta, but I did manage to find some good wines, both in shops and restaurants. I read Peter Mayle’s second Provence book, “Toujours Provence” while there and had a yearning for Pastis. I spent a whole day trying to track down a bottle and the best i could find was Pernod for $25! I bought it too 🙂

        • I know where I can get a perfectly good Pascal Bouchard Petit Chablis 2012 online for $22 that costs about 6 euros in France. It will probably come to that.

          • Mad Dog says:

            It’s shocking isn’t it. All the good French, Italian and Spanish wine costs more in the UK than in the countries of origin, probably about two thirds more, but British wine, which is winning lots of awards now (including those in France) costs more here than the imported stuff! It’s all tax 🙁

  2. Unmitigated greed! Any California wine, and there are many, worth drinking costs more here than imported wines. But just like imported wines, there are no California wines worth drinking in the Pennsylvania government liquor stores. It’s not fair but it doesn’t have to be, I guess, in a State where the majority doesn’t drink wine, drinking in general is frowned upon and drinking in public (sidewalk cafes) is mostly prohibited as anti-social behavior. Social behavior, when applied to drinking, must be sitting on a bar stool, alone, in the dark, talking to no one and knocking back drinks until you are obliged to walk home because you can’t find your car.


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  4. No question…the big money’s on the pappardelle 🙂

  5. Mary Frances says:

    Those mussels are stunning

  6. The food looks amazing but…smokey wine….what the heck?!

  7. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous. Upstate NY is pretty well known for making up their own food and drink creations. I grew up in Orange County, NY and played tennis in Sullivan County every weekend. You’re in my old stomping ground. I spent the first 22 years of my life in upstate ny. This is the most beautiful time of year there. 🙂

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