I’m Back! Sort of…



Beets.  In Pennsylvania.  New computer arrived today.  Still awaiting tripod and the airfreight that it’s in.  Can’t wait to get some time to see your posts and to respond to your comments.  I’ve got this great post coming up called “Baby Beef”.  You definitely have to hear this story 😀

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13 Responses to I’m Back! Sort of…

  1. Cynthia says:

    Looking forward to the story. 😉

  2. cecilia says:

    we are on the edges of our proverbial seats!! c

  3. Linda Duffin says:

    Braced for impact! Glad you’re back and getting settled.

  4. Mad Dog says:

    It’s good to see you Rosemary 🙂

  5. Desme says:

    Looks good!

  6. Looking forward to it 🙂

  7. Mary Frances says:

    Can’t Wait 🙂

  8. Cecile says:

    Looking forward to it – you sure do ‘tell a fine tale’ !!

  9. Can’t wait 🙂

  10. Welcome back stateside! 🙂

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