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  After having experienced some of the cuisine in Germany,  I have come to the conclusion that much of our  “American” cuisine has roots in Germany;  potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers and meat loaf.  The average German deli offers a wide … Continue reading

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Jade left the school in Massachusetts wanting to get into the Zen of meditation, green tea, vegetarianism and Buddha (Buddhism). The food in the school cantine must have been shocking.  Well whatever.  I cook vegetables anyway and we don’t all have … Continue reading

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Baby Beef

My husband loves the old fashioned American diners that you can still find on the East coast.  Nothing like the hamburger joint in Pulp Fiction, way too upscale, but he likes the ones with meat loaf, roast beef specials and … Continue reading

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I’m Back! Sort of…

  Beets.  In Pennsylvania.  New computer arrived today.  Still awaiting tripod and the airfreight that it’s in.  Can’t wait to get some time to see your posts and to respond to your comments.  I’ve got this great post coming up … Continue reading

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The Camera Battery Situation

Okay, long story short, I packed my battery charger in the airfreight.  When I took these pictures I had one black, blinking block showing on the camera.  Lord have mercy!  It’s not fun to take pictures when you’re stressing over … Continue reading

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