Foie de Veau aux Lardons et Champignons


Spring has sprung and there are so many good, fresh, vegetables and fruits in the market that I can’t resist buying an inordinate amount.  I’ll probably be in refrigerator trouble if I don’t aggressively cook and invite people over.  That’s okay, M. Parret is coming back 🙂  I hope he hasn’t lost his appetite.


It’s like Christmas in May!  Look at the cherries from Spain, the fresh garlic, spring onions, fennel, grape tomatoes, zucchini, herbs and cucumber from France.  What’s a poor old lady to do but buy and buy again?  Good thing the market is not open everyday because I’d need more refrigerators :p


A lady has recently opened a stall next to Jean Louis (duck), selling fresh herbs, specialty mushrooms and tiny onions.  She had the tightest little Paris mushrooms that I have ever seen in the market.  I guess you would call them “button”.


Anyway.  Feeling slightly anemic, I barely wilted some fresh spinach and prepared calf’s liver with lardons (bacon), spring onions and mushrooms.  If you really can’t stand liver, make this with steak.  It won’t be the same but it will taste good 😉

Calf’s Liver with Bacon and Mushrooms

4 servings of fresh calf’s liver

Salt and pepper


1/2 cup lardons or chopped bacon

2 tbsp butter

2 spring onions, halved and cut into 1 inch pieces

1 lb fresh button mushrooms, halved

Black pepper

Wilted spinach leaves (optional)

Season the liver with salt, pepper and dust with flour.  Set aside.  Brown the lardons in a skillet, remove and drain on a paper towel.  Remove all but 1 tbsp of the lardons fat, add 1 tbsp of the butter, then quickly saute the liver for about 2-3 minutes per side.  Remove the liver and set aside, keeping warm.

Add the remaining tablespoon of butter, the onions and the mushrooms to the skillet. Saute until the mushrooms begin to release their juices.  Stir in the reserved lardons and season with the pepper.

If using, divide the spinach leaves into 4 serving plates, top with the liver and spoon the lardons, mushrooms and onions over the top.  Eat immediately.

Wine suggestion:  Julienas


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  1. Mad Dog says:

    One should eat calf’s liver on a weekly basis to keep the anaemia away 😉

  2. My French Heaven says:

    I’m not really a fan of foie de veau, but everything tastes great with bacon and mushrooms. I shall try this recipe!!

  3. I adore calf’s liver – this looks wonderfl and I too would hae not been able to resist the gorgeous offerings at the market!

  4. It’s hard not to get in trouble at the farmer’s markets. So easy to go overboard with all the goodies and you have way better markets over there!

  5. I am going to make this pronto, what a beautifully rich yet simple to make dish.

  6. cecilia says:

    I love liver, and what a stunning array of vegetables.. c

  7. Karen says:

    My refrigerator must look like yours, I can’t resist all the fresh veggies as well.

  8. ladymaggic says:

    Reblogged this on Recipes For You 2013 and commented:

  9. It looks tasty and it is very useful food,thanks for sharing.

  10. This looks divine!

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  12. Oh my. Given that this was posted on my birthday, I can only have wished in retrospect that I had had this for my birthday dinner. Maybe next year.

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