Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon: Chez Guy


No one wanted to cook this Sunday.  We had the barbecue craving because the sun was shining again and the temperature was just right.  Still, wanting to eat barbecue and make barbecue are two different things.  Nothing for it but to go to Guy’s and eat whatever he had.  No hardship because he always has something good.


We also wanted to drink Champagne but there was no lack of volunteers to open the bottles.  Inelegantly, somebody (Tonio) poured each of our glasses all the way to the top. He knows what we like 🙂


Sunday’s specials were entrecote and carre d’agneau accompanied by a perfect vegetable flan, roasted potato, wine/shallot sauce for the steak and a butter/herb sauce for the lamb. In addition, the lamb was served with a small “cassoulet” of white beans and vegetables.


At the table next to us was a group of ladies probably in their eighth decade who, hoping I was from Vogue magazine and offering free tickets to foreign climes, wanted their pictures taken 🙂  I hope that I have what they have at this age; food, wine, friends and the health, sense of humor and appetite to enjoy it all.


My strawberry melba was almost gone when Chantal reminded me that I hadn’t taken a picture.  Oh well.  I want another one 😉




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8 Responses to Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon: Chez Guy

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Ha ha – it’s hard to want to make barbecue when you have Chez Guy 😉

  2. Dana Fashina says:

    My kinda day!

  3. cecilia says:

    I love Chez Guy too, and the elegance of it all too, perfect for a sunday..(envious again!) c

  4. I want it all… lamb and steak… but especially that lamb.

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