I Promise Not to Eat Her

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My new puppy 🙂  I haven’t picked her up yet or named her.  I want to wait for 3 months when she has more confidence.  In these pictures she’s only 1 month 3 weeks.  She’s an Irish Terrier.

The cat is an asshole


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36 Responses to I Promise Not to Eat Her

  1. kathysimmons says:

    OHHHHHH so adorable Rose. Congratulations. I am so glad she isn’t the next delicious recipe. surely SHE will have home cooked by Rose.

  2. kathysimmons says:

    Dear Rose
    Can i SLOW COOK a free range chicken rather than roasting? If it can be slow cooked, at what temperature for how long? When googling, only SLOW COOKER chicken comes up, nothing that says it’s possible, desirable or at what OVEN temperature. Clearly my kitchen is absent a slow cooker.

    • Why do you want to slow cook it? Is it tough and old and muscular from free ranging around? 😀

      • kathysimmons says:

        A wild “hare” bit me. Actually, our neighbor in village france was the BEST every day cook and she believed in slow cookng nearly everything. While I, the inferior american neighbor, just cranked up the oven (or BBQ) and roasted nearly everything. She was definitely a superior cook. +I often first sear, then bake rabbit+sanglier at lower temps….can you give (ME) readers some lessons on this? thanks for saving dinner!!!! 😀

        • I’m not really clear on what you mean by slow cooking and of course I’m not an expert or chef. I just cook things until they are done 😀

          • kathysimmons says:

            LAUGHING OUT LOUD ROSE :). Just cook that bugger chicken until done. Works for me!!
            You won’t however convince me you’re not a chef. Slow cooking chez our neighbor just meant a slow oven, set at maybe 160 C and leaving whatever was in it for hours.
            PS I like hearing about the garage neighbor. Introduces a new face of Sens as Mr Paret recouperates.

  3. cecilia says:

    Oh you have your pup! At last! How wonderful. She is going to be a wonderful companion when you go walking in the markets.. Excellent!.. c

  4. Terri says:

    Puppy is adorable! Laughed out loud at the cat sign 🙂

  5. Mad Dog says:

    ROFL 🙂

  6. She is absolutely adorable!!!!

  7. She looks gorgeous!

  8. Oh, oh oh!!! When can Luna and Alfi have a puppy play date?!

  9. Oh what a cute face! 🙂

  10. What a legend! And the poster is pretty damn cool too.

  11. Tessa says:

    What a sweet dog!

  12. Great looking little puppy….good luck with the training:)

    • Thank you Roger. The reason I chose this breed is because they are intelligent and though puppies will be puppies, I shouldn’t have much trouble with training her. They don’t shed!

  13. Congragulations!! How adorable! I’m sure he will bring you a lot of happiness and funny moments 🙂

  14. You lucky thing. I love irish terriers. Such loyal dogs, a wonderful family pet. I am very jealous. I would never get another blog post done if I had a puppy as cute as yours. Emma xx

  15. I meant to say I love the cat poster too. I have a rescue cat so I know exactly what you mean. Have you checked out Henri the existential cat on google. I think it would be your kind of humour. Emma xx

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