Irish Pork Pot Roast


I have lots of photos on my camera and can’t seem to catch up.  I guess I’ll begin at the beginning, before I left Stuttgart.

This pot roast is a pretty good recipe inspired by the new cookbook my husband bought for me, “Irish Pub Cooking.”


We’re all going to Sens for Easter but I wanted to leave something large behind for when my husband returns to Stuttgart.  I also made a mash of carrots and potatoes that wasn’t bad but not as good as the puree that Guy made.


They are really big on white asparagus here in Germany.  These were pretty.


Grilled with herbs.


Irish Pork Pot Roast

1 rolled pork roast about 3 lbs, seasoned with salt, pepper and some fresh thyme

1 tbsp olive oil

4 tbsp butter

4 shallots, chopped

8 celery stalks, chopped

6 juniper berries

2 fresh thyme sprigs

2/3 cup hard cider

2/3 cup chicken stock

2 tbsp flour

2/3 cup heavy cream

Salt and pepper

Brown the roast in the olive oil and 2 tablespoons of the butter, then remove the roast and set aside.  Add the shallots and celery stalks to the pot and saute until soft.  Add the juniper berries, thyme sprigs, cider and chicken stalk, bring to a boil, add the roast, cover and simmer for about 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

Remove the pork roast and set aside, keeping warm.  Remove the juniper berries and the thyme.  Mix the remaining butter and flour together, then slowly whisk into the liquid in the pot, cooking for 2 minutes.  Stir in the cream and bring to a boil.

Slice the pork and serve with the sauce and a side dish of choice (fresh peas/carrot and potato mash).


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  1. Everyone needs more pork roast in their life! Nice work my friend

  2. citimedi says:

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  3. Conor Bofin says:

    Lovely stuff Rosemary. I am particularly jealous of that beautiful asparagus.

  4. reggiorif says:

    Beautiful… and since at the moment I can’t go to Ireland, this could take me there at least for a little while 😉 – Do you think you can use other meats than pork?

  5. Cecile says:

    Talk about a nice ‘stick to the ribs’ meal !! Looks delish !!

  6. looks delicious! I wish white asparagus was more popular here.

  7. thechefcat says:

    Lovely pork roast!

  8. Beautiful ingredients. I wish I had such a long list to catch up with…

  9. Mad Dog says:

    I’ve never had white asparagus. They have it in supermarkets here, but it’s from Germany and who knows how old it is. I might stick to the green stuff direct from the farmer until I get to go to Germany and try it fresh…
    Nice pork 😉

  10. Karen says:

    I’ve got so much cider in my cellar but haven’t ever used it with a pot roast…thanks for the inspiration. Spargel season in Germany always produces the nicest asparagus, I like that you grilled yours.

  11. I’m intrigued by the grilled asparagus, I’ve only ever tried that with green. How did it turn out compared to the green? Worth giving a try or better to stick to boiling the white?

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