Black Angus Steaks with Mushrooms


In keeping with the “vide congelateur”(empty the freezer) movement, bored with the things in the kitchen freezer, I went outside to the freezer in the garage and discovered that my husband had left me a gift from the American Commissary in Stuttgart; 2 Black Angus steaks, his favorite.  Thanks Dear 😀


I decided to share with M. Parret and he thought the meat was good, that it tasted almost French 😀


I had over-bought(1 of my minor sins) mushrooms for whatever it was I made the other day, so had plenty for the steaks.  I also had some exhausted cherry tomatoes whimpering in the fridge.  You’ll like this Frugal darling; whenever I have tomatoes unfit for salads, fighting off my natural instincts, I find a way to cook them instead of throwing them in the garbage bin where I think they belong 😀  Anyway.


The lovely Cecilia at Kitchens Garden sent me a wonderful care package that included lovely smelling, homemade soaps of eucalyptus and lemon eucalyptus.  This reminded me of one of my favorite books, Eucalyptus by Murray Bail.  A gift that keeps on giving! Thank you C.  I’m re-reading that tonight!


Happy and energized by my wonderful gifts, I decided to use my Le Creuset, coastal blue grill pan with a pannini press top to cook the steaks.  I sprayed Pam on both the pan and inside the top, heated them together, outrageously hot, then added the steaks.  Perfectly cooked; nicely seared on the outside and bloody inside.  When I cut into my steak, it was past picture time 🙂


Black Angus Steaks with Mushrooms

2 Black Angus steaks

Salt and pepper

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp olive oil

2 shallots, sliced

1 lb mushrooms, sliced

1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

Season the steaks with salt and pepper, then set aside.

In a saute pan, heat the olive oil and butter, add the shallots and cook until soft.  Add the mushrooms and brown until they begin to release their juices.  Add the tomatoes and stir together over the flame for a minute or two.  Add salt and pepper, then set aside and keep warm.

Grill the steaks anyway you like and then eat with the mushrooms.

Wine suggestion:  Julienas


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38 Responses to Black Angus Steaks with Mushrooms

  1. This looks very tasty! I too share in the guilt trip tomatoes give when they start to shrivel in my fridge. I always end up throwing them in with some pasta sauce, or chopping them up and freezing them for later.

  2. cecilia says:

    Thank you for the lovely mention Rosemary darling. I am so enjoying my sojourn into soap making! The scent for the Eucalyptus Lemon soap was from Tanya in Spain, I can’t remember if I told you. Steak! can’t beat it. I feel a trifle envious of your steak pan too, I love those seared marks they make. and now I must find this book to read it is way too cold to go outside!.. c

  3. Beautiful steaks, love the marbling on them, Love your grill an and lid:)

  4. I like grilling my steaks in a grill pan with a panini press lid as well. It’s the best! I really need to start emptying out my freezer, too, it’s a jungle in there!

  5. YOU Rose are pure evil. I would give an arm and leg for a true black angus steak. Very spoiled by both american and Australian beef, I have yet to really appreciate French beef, so if you can “steer” me to something that approximates black angus (in France), I’ll buy 100 of those cookbooks you are sure to publish. CHEERS!

  6. Ah, I’m very proud of your willingness to use tomatoes generally unfit for purpose. Also, lovely meat. I bought a huge, delicious chunk of rump steak today to celebrate getting a job. Your post just made me even more excited! Hope you’re well.

  7. Magic. Now I damn well want a steak. And it’s 6am…

  8. cecilia says:

    Could you send this link to your friend Kathy Simmons. I don’t know exactly where she is but the link is to an american girl called jean married to a kiwi (Brent) raising grass fed beef in France.. I bet their steaks are great.. I am fairly sure they ship the meat around france too.

  9. Trish says:

    So you thawed the steaks out before cooking? we bought a few pounds of steak from a company, and I noticed a cryptic note inside the package saying ‘cook steaks from frozen’. nothing else. Hmm. I did look up how to do this – sear on both sides and finish in a low oven. But I am worried!!!

  10. wow, simply selicious…
    btw, i like angus beef sheak, but never eaten it with pasta before, actually never eat steak with pasta…
    tempting to try!!!

  11. Mad Dog says:

    That looks like perfectly marbled steak 😉

  12. Michelle says:

    So glad to see there’s something good to be bought at the commissary!

  13. Bobbie says:

    The marbling looks great so I assume these are Black Angus for sure, not what is often called Angus which is at least 51% Black Angus and 49% other. I hope you enjoyed this very much!

  14. What’s Pam?

  15. Love the panini press – what a great idea! Love that the oil in the soap is travlling round and spreading the love 🙂

  16. Lala Rukh says:

    OMG steak with mushrooms, a dream ! Love it.

  17. Over and over again, I keep wishing I had a freezer like yours! 😉

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