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Well yes, I’m in Sens and I have eaten and drunk wine a lot.  If you hang with Le Parret, wine drinking and cheese eating is inevitable.  I even cooked sometimes.  Look at this pan fried skate wing with cucumber and mango salsa.


The owners of the really awful Indian restaurant closed up and escaped into the night, owing a full year’s rent for the premises.  M. Parret says nobody is looking for them.  Only in France.  The unfortunate thing about this restaurant is that this was the first experience for many people who have never tried Indian food before and now never will again.  The building is located a few doors down from M. Parret and before the Indians came, it used to be the Parrets’ cheese shop.


Anyway Guy, a chef and all around nice guy, has now opened a small, traditional  French food restaurant on the premises.  We’ve been there twice and in the “eating with Le Parret” tradition, we came at 12 and left after the waitress at about 3:30-4:00 p.m.  When the rest of the customers have left, Guy, finally giving up all hope of us ever going home, like reasonable people who have other things to do, pulls up a chair and joins us at table for an after lunch wine or several.  If necessary, as it has been both times, M. Parret fetches a bottle of the good stuff from his house.


The restaurant decor is simple, casual and comfortable.  There is a lot of light in the restaurant from both the windows and recessed lighting in the ceiling.  This is so much a neighborhood restaurant and at least one of M. Parrets’ cronies eats here everyday.


The menu, with choice of entree, main course, cheese or dessert is reasonably priced at 14 euros.


Concerned about where Guy gets his beef?  Worried about the My Little Pony substitutes? Have no fear!  The beef in the bourguignon was born in France, killed in France, cut up in France and we ate it in France!  Just saying.


As an entree, we had a delicious salad of mozzerella with avocado puree.  Fresh, fresh everything.  Along with the beef bourguignon on offer was a seafood gratin with a buttery, creamy, rich, delectable sauce.  It was so rich that a couple of the usual trenchermen thought that the portion was too large!  A first.


To end the meal we had raspberry cake or the cheese plate and, of course, a coffee afterward.


When we finally left to go to my house for Champagne, Guy looked exhausted 😀


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15 Responses to Chez Guy

  1. Mad Dog says:

    I know what you mean about the Indian restaurant – I’ve been to a lot of bad ones in France and Spain. I suspect it comes from lack of competition.
    Chez Guy sounds like a welcome arrival in the town. I love the fact that M. Parret went home to get the good wine 🙂

  2. Conor Bofin says:

    I echo MDs comments above. When in France, stay out of the Indians!

  3. cecilia says:

    I love the little wooden tables too, they always look so welcoming and simple. Good food, good wine, good company.. it is a winning combination.. c

  4. Karen says:

    It sounds like it was a blessing in disguise that the Indians left town and that a good restaurant has taken its place. It sounds like a nice place to spend time with friends sharing good food and drink.

  5. Laura says:

    Looks like one more reason to try to visit Sens in the spring!

  6. Cecile says:

    Lovely meal and restaurant!! I love the sign stating how the beef is born, raised and ‘cut up” in France!! ; o )

  7. Ha, I’ve learnt the same thing, never eat Indian food in France, unless of course if I have made it 🙂

  8. Caroline in San Francisco says:

    Looks like a lovely meal at a lovely, neighborhood restaurant. Poor Guy! 🙂
    Rosemary, I don’t use Facebook so I’ll comment briefly here that: I am glad you are trying to maintain normalcy by posting about food and friends. Thank you. I hope Jade is found quickly and returns home safely.

  9. Frank & Sharon Romero says:

    Did you find Jade?

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. Michelle says:

    I love the reports of restaurants in Sens. Indian food in France? That is strange. But it does occur to me: do you have a Vietnamese place in Sens? I always love the Frenchification of Vietnamese food. It adapts wonderfully to the 3-course format. Nems, nems, nems! (I love nems.)

    Thinking of you constantly. If good thoughts work (though, sadly, I have no idea about that), then things will work out just fine. Regardless, so glad that you are there with M. Parret.

  11. Simple pleasures in life help in little ways. France is so good at provding moments like this which we all (and you in particular) so need. Love that M. Parrett went home for the good wine!

  12. Just checking back by.
    Looks like a very comfortable place. Lovely food, too

  13. AgileWriter says:

    Raspberry cake seems very tempting. Nice ambiance!!!

  14. At least many of those -same style- bad ‘Indian’ restaurants in Spain are not of even run by Indians, but by Pakistani.

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