Oysters Gillardeau


L’Ambiance des Halles, the fishmonger advertised a variety of newly arrived gourmet oysters so Jade and I thought we might as well get them while the getting was good!  We drafted M. Parret and his daughter-in-law, Selene, to accompany us for a light lunch of a dozen each,  with baguette and butter, of course.  Disappointingly, the butter was President in those little individual packages.  The Parret was not pleased 🙂  As it was, I had to dart next door to get a baguette from the boulangerie so that the bread was 1) enough, 2) correct.  The oysters were first class, but we agreed that “les accompaniments” were not. He whined the whole time 😀  Next time we’ll get a tray to go and eat at his house.


To ward off bad luck, a bad oyster or inferior bread and butter, M. Parret inserted a hand. Thank you M. Parret!


We ordered a bottle of Petit Chablis that was both reasonably priced and good with the oysters.


Mainly a fish market, L’Ambiance has a good sized clientele for their seafood trays at lunch time.  Today was cold but clear and a few people chose to eat their lunch in the sunshine.


The oysters were fabulous and I liked this variety almost as much as the tarboureich or rose oyster.


We were offered a coffee on the house by the owners which I politely but prudently refused.  It might have been a brand M. Parret, who was still discussing the butter, was unfamiliar with.  I suggested that we go over to The Village Gourmand because I knew that he thought their coffee was correct and he also likes the owners.  Good move.  Jade had a wonderfully rich and creamy tiramusu dessert and we had their wonderful coffee.


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18 Responses to Oysters Gillardeau

  1. Michelle says:

    I think that M. Parret should be taken along to every restaurant meal. Clearly, the food would be greatly improved. Do you think you could convince him to come to the States when you move back? 😉

  2. Andy says:

    I can almost smell the oysters in your pictures. Well done!

  3. When I saw the first photo I was wondering what wine you had chosen to go with the oysters. you’ll be pleased to hear I’m happy with your choice 🙂

  4. Mad Dog says:

    Great oysters and diplomacy 😉

  5. Great photos and I love me some fresh oysters on the half shell. In fact, there is not a lot I like much better. So far, the best I have tried were in Santiago, Chile. They were plump little morsels that tasted so much like the ocean with a delicate sweetness. Baby Lady, on the other hand, liked the ones from California better. She felt they were meatier and sweeter. Neither of us are particularly fond of the oysters from the Gulf of Mexico. They are real earthy and, to me, somewhat muddy in flavor.

  6. Hell yeah. My face wants all of those oysters in it… With ample bread of course!!

  7. Oysters and chablis – it doesn’t get much better (well, paart fromt he butter 😉 )

  8. Tessa says:

    I’m loving that pile of oysters!

  9. Wow! The tray of oysters looked so good. Then the s
    Dessert. And good friends. You are living well.

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