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What on earth can Heinz mean?  I found this “American Sauce” in the Carrefour supermarket and had to pick up a bottle just because.  It’s made by the global American company, Heinz, so they must have had something in mind that meant profit in Europe. Who asked Heinz for American sauce and how did they know what people meant by that? I haven’t tasted it yet but when I searched “Heinz American Sauce”, other Americans thought it tasted like Thousand Island dressing and/or maybe the secret sauce for Big Macs.  We’re conquering the world through McD’s.

Every blue moon I want a cookie or two.  So about a year ago I bought some Pepperidge Farm White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookies in the French Carrefour supermarket to share with Jade.  I liked them and decided that if I wanted a cookie in the future, I would buy them again.


Fast forward to Stuttgart and the military commissary.  I saw these same cookies with slightly different packaging and decided I was ready for another cookie hit.  But when I tasted the cookies from the U.S., I thought they tasted sweeter and had fewer chips and nuts.  This called for a taste test.  Before I left Stuttgart I bought a package of the cookies and then when I got to France, I bought the French package.


I was right.  There was  a difference.  The American cookie on the left was bigger, sweeter and contained more flour per cookie.  The French cookie on the right was smaller and contained more chips and nuts.

What did I learn from this?  It’s probably best to make your own damn cookies 🙂  You’ll know exactly what’s in them.

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  1. Mad Dog says:

    Weird stuff – in Spain Heinz have bought up two manufacturers of my favourite sauce, Salsa Brava.
    You’ve made me crave Pepperidge Farm Goldfish now – they are not easy to come by in London, though apparently I can get them online from Amazon…

  2. Jim Sikes says:

    Here’s your answer. At least you can be allergic to ragweed.

    I enjoy your writing BTW. You can find mine at under Jim Says.

    American Sauce Heinz

    American Sauce Heinz

    * A propos * Ingrédients


    Huile végétale 36%, eau, sucre, purée de tomates 7%, vinaigre (orge), lactosérum en poudre (lait), graines de moutarde, sal, échalote 1,2 %, amidon modifié, mélasses, persil, extrait de soja (froment), sucre brun, jus de citron, colorant (caramel, extrait de paprika), anchois (poisson), sirop de glucose-fructose, extraits d’épices et de plantes aromatiques, tamarin, épices, arômes (contient de l’œuf), épaississant (gomme de xanthane) Contient des allergènes: lait, moutarde, orge, soja, blé, poisson et oeuf..

    Jim Sikes

  3. I would never…ever buy this stuff! :/

  4. I saw Mad Dogs comment – it’s true in Spain some of the Heinz sauces taste different to those int he UK. When I make barbecue sauce, Big Man calls it “Salsa Americana”!

  5. I’m going to France tomorrow, Will have a go at the American Sauce 😉

  6. Excellent conclusion 🙂

  7. Just as long as the cookies don’t have American sauce in them!

  8. I haven’t seen American burger dressing since I lived in Denmark. Hahaha

  9. andmorefood says:

    So right about making your own cookies! though I have to say, that if I had to eat a store-bought anything, I would pick a european variant any day.

    also did you know that mcd has terminated their heinz contract, ironically! I no longer eat fast food, but I can’t imagine fries without the beauty of heinz ketchup (which is my secret weakness!)

  10. sjmhny says:

    Oh I’ve seen that sauce on the aisles here in Ireland and have always been wary of it. I always thought it kind of looked like a dodgy version of a “Marie Rose” sauce.

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