Sens Soir


Jade began her October vacation this weekend and we are back in Sens.  We drove down instead of taking the train because we had to bring the cats and Quincy, detesting travel of any kind, is particularly unhappy on the train.  As it was, seeing the light of France in our eyes, he had to be dragged from under the bed and stuffed into his hated carrier.  Bandit, on the other hand, likes a change and waits tranquilly until we put her in her carrier.  Good kitty!


Jade’s mid semester grades were pretty impressive so we took her out to her favorite and our least favorite restaurant the Broceliande that specializes in crepes.  We, the parents, object to the quality of their ingredients, the preparation, the service, and their house wine “en pichet” that they called Irancy but that tastes like “ye ole Cote of the Rhone” 1 euro 99 at the supermarket.  Really, no wasters of the grape, we had to leave most of this plunk behind.  However, Jade “adored” her crepe filled with lardons, potatoes, reblochon cheese and topped, a la Francaise, with a fried egg.


My husband did not adore his crepe and left most of it behind with the wine that only a distressed alcoholic with delirium tremens would consider.


To be fair, the restaurant didn’t claim that their steak was Charolais or Limosin or any other recognizable, decent quality beef and it wasn’t.  But in a region that produces Dijon mustard, you would think that any cook/chef could produce a mustard sauce blindfolded. And you’d be wrong.  I think this was something they found in an inexpensive jar.


But the night was balmy and pleasant.  Not wanting to be further disappointed, we skipped dessert, paid up and moved across the square for a coffee and a regular glass of wine.


I love this town and everything looks as it should; familiar, tranquil, safe.


The cathedral bells stop ringing the hours at 10:00 p.m. and the pigeons and people seek their “roosts” for the night.


There’s a new restaurant/traiteur in town that we’ll be trying out during the coming week. We’re crossing our fingers!

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11 Responses to Sens Soir

  1. I was very hurt to read of your opinion of my Cotes de Rhone at 1,99€. In fact I have been drinking at even better Cotes de Rhone this weekend….a centime less, from Lidls 🙂

    • Mad Dog says:

      There’s cheap Cotes de Rhone and cheaper Cotes de Rhone 😉

    • 😛 That sounds like Heritage Cote du Rhone. That was the wine of choice for importation
      into West Africa. It could sit in the customs’ unvented warehouse on the airport tarmac for a month and still taste the same as it did before it left France. Not a delicate wine 😀

  2. Mad Dog says:

    Glad to see you back in France – maybe next time you could visit 2 restaurants on the same night to satisfy all customers 😉

  3. Gorgeous photography, too!

  4. Well done to Jade on her grades and well done to you both for letting her choose the restaurant!

  5. We have a similar place in our village, only their speciality is making you wait for hours for your order, and then only two crepes at a time. So if you are a table of six and you all order crepes the first to be served have well and truly finished by the time the last two get theirs. They do serve pretty decent hamburgers though 🙂

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