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Yesterday my fishmonger posted promotions on his just in seafood on Facebook; Red Label bouchot mussels and live or cooked Brittany lobsters.  I was the first in line this morning. Really.  Of course I took the cooked lobsters because the lobster slaughtering man is not here 🙂


Over coffee at the Litteraire with M. Parret, I outlined the the plan for today’s lunch; lobster cocktail as entree and Mediterranean mussels as the main dish.  Of course M. brought up cheese and rhapsodized over a superior Camembert he would be serving 🙂


As promised by the “Monger”, the mussels were truly superior; a little larger than usual, plump and ocean fragrant.  He gave me a bottle of wine to make the broth.  M. Parret was gobsmacked (I read this in some British book) when I told him.


I’m getting more for when my husband comes on Saturday!  Ab-so-lutely fabulous!


Of course Le Parret was right about the Camembert.


For the moule recipe, go here:  Use almost any kind of wine, except maybe Gallo Thunderbird, for the broth.  I usually use leftover wine that I didn’t particularly like.  A “vin de table” level Muscadet or Bourgogne Aligote is fine.  The wine I was given was more than drinkable.


Lobster Cocktail with Charentais Cantelope (Inspired by

Meat from 2 medium sized lobsters, cut into reasonably small pieces

1/2 small Charentais cantelope, seeds removed and diced

1/2 winter cucumber, seeds removed and diced

1/3 cup mayonnaise

1 tbsp creme fraiche

1 tsp Wasabi cream

3 drops of Sriracha hot sauce

1 tsp lemon juice

Frisee lettuce, torn

Put the lobster, cantelope and cucumber in a mixing bowl.   Mix the mayonnaise, creme fraiche, wasabi cream, Sriracha sauce and lemon juice together, then gently stir into the lobster mixture.

Layer the lettuce on the bottom of 6 fruit/dessert glasses and top with the lobster.



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27 Responses to Chez Le Poissonnier

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Outstanding! I think you’d better stay in Sens 😉

  2. That all looks and sounds so delicious!

  3. Another lovely meal. I really like the lobster with melon and the nice little touch of heat from the wasabi and sriracha sauce while Baby Lady’s favorite meal is mussels. I very much like your approach to food and your photos are always “picture perfect.” 🙂

  4. Every bit of it – the most exquisite lunch. I can do the seafood, but I have serious Camembert envy! Thanks, Tracey

  5. Your Lobster salad sounds so delicious with the little added zing of the wasabi.

  6. Michelle says:

    What a lovely lobster salad! I adore Charentais melons. One year we tried to grow them, and babied them like crazy (even making like hammocks for them!), but they were rather blah. Disappointing.

  7. I just went to food heaven. Dish looks amazing!

  8. Karen says:

    What an absolutely delicious lunch from beginning to end. Your lobster cocktail sounds wonderful with the melon.

  9. Based on how you’ve described M. Parret I bet he was gobsmacked! 🙂 Lovely dish with the lobster. It’s been way too long since I’ve had any but I’ll be in Maine shortly and it’s on my list!

  10. Amanda says:

    Too good. I love mussels. I like to do mine spicy with white wine and chorizo. I have a recipe for it on my page. What a great way to serve lobster too. Light and sweet. Such vibrant pictures.

  11. Looks so fantastic, Rosemary! It will be very sad to leave Sens again.

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