Boudin Noir with Garden Potatoes


Whenever we  come back to France after being in a cuisine challenged country, we want everything and I tend to get into freezer and refrigerator trouble.  This is especially dangerous in the summer when there are so many vegetables and fruits that we like in the market and, of course, we have to have a meat or fish product to accompany them.  The refrigerator in the garage is “dead Jim”, having had some sort of seizure during the winter.  So all I’ve got is my “American” refrigerator in the house.  Tant pis!  In emergencies I can borrow some space in M. Parret’s refrigerator 🙂


The boudin noir (black pudding) man, only in the market on Fridays, had a variety of fresh sausages; plain, apples or creole.  We chose the creole to be eaten with M. Parret’s little potatoes from his garden and a Burgundy Coulanges La Vineuse.


Because it is obligatory to eat forever in a traditional French household, we began with charcuterie, baguette and butter.  A cold Macon Village was perfect!


M. Parret is understandably saddened by the passing of his lifelong companion, Mme. Parret and has lost a bit of his, heretofore, boundless enthusiasm.  But in selection and presentation of cheese, he is still unparalleled.  He would like it known that he arranged the bottles in the background 😀

I bought a French potato masher (not as good as American) and a small light diffuser.  I plan to catch up with the blogs I am following and responses to my posts in a day or two.  Also, I’ll get back to including recipes.

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23 Responses to Boudin Noir with Garden Potatoes

  1. No recipes needed with food as good as this. Poor M. Parret, it must be so tough to lose your lifelong companion and then have to adjust to live with a great big, sad gap. It’s good that he has friends like you and your family.

  2. Your drinking very well and making me envious. I’m still on the 4€ bottles 🙁

  3. LFFL says:

    I love all the food pics. I hope I can actually go to France one day.

  4. je n’aime pas trop le boudin noir, mais quand j’en mange, c’est principalement avec des pommes cuites ! 😉

  5. Mad Dog says:

    I’m sure that having your good company and enthusiasm will help to cheer M. Parret up a bit. Do wish him well from me. That boudin noir will do you all good 🙂

  6. cecilia says:

    Oh those cheeses! You must be SO grateful to be back home where you have your wonderful cooker and all your favourites to cook upon it.. thank goodness. Take care.. c

  7. I need some good French cheeses. I would love a plate like that.

  8. trixpin says:

    What a gorgeous looking selection of food, and although I don’t like boudin (oop, sorry) the photos make everything look delicious 🙂 The cheeses… *drool* …

  9. Conor Bofin says:

    Great to see you back Rosemary. Funny how we get to know M Parret brought the blog. My thoughts are with him. Please convey my approval on the bottle positioning. Subtle, yet saying a lot.

  10. Lovely post as always, Rosemary. I’m however intrigued by your comment about French vs. US potato mashers – how do they differ and what makes the US one better?

  11. That is so sad to hear about M. Parret. I am sure that he appreciates the good food and company.

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