Restaurant Cote Seine, Chatillon sur Seine: Slow Food


You know what they say; good food takes time.  And apparently, so does bad food.


The wait was so long, beginning with our drinks, that things got silly and stayed that way.  This was a good thing; better than table rage.


Usually the wine helps us get through a disappointing meal, but the wine was disappointing as well.  They said it was merlot, is what they said, and a decent wine would have helped to deaden the piercing shrieks coming from the toddler at the table next to us during the entire interminable wait, but alas, we suffered in stereo.


The decor of Cote Seine was interesting; a French/Indian motif with souvenirs from that subcontinent, decorating the walls.  The theme was continued on the menu with a couple of French/Indian fusion dishes like this “tandoori” chicken with couscous-like quinoa.


Actually, the chicken was not bad because it was roasted French style.  The sauce accompanying it, tasting of ketchup, must have been intended to fuse the two cuisines.  Seriously, a bad move.  Another wonderful idea gone bad was the entree of escargot casserole with a scrumptious crust of pate brise.  The garlic was brilliant but six escargot, swimming in a bucket of raw flour cream sauce was off putting, to say the least, and we had to wait so long for it!  You would have thought that the flour would be done by then.


Jade said the potatoes with her veal in roquefort sauce were good but she disputed the roquefort appellation of the sauce.  In addition, the veal suffered from a bad judgement call on the time it should spend defrosting in the microwave.  Eaten but not enjoyed.  My husband’s Charolais steak was overcooked and he was in no mood for pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine 😀


The desserts and cheese were better.  You could tell they were something the chef liked to make.


A perfect creme brulee and a fabulous chocolat fondant.


The cheese was correct on a bed of lettuce with currants and walnuts.  Delicious!


Wanting to leave on a good note, we did not have coffee.  I have to say that the service was correct and friendly.  However, at 30 Euros for the fixed menu, with the plates proposed, it could have been a deal, but it wasn’t.  We will not be going back, but I hope that one day the many kinks will be worked out and that the entrees and main dish preparation will rival that of the desserts.


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15 Responses to Restaurant Cote Seine, Chatillon sur Seine: Slow Food

  1. Mad Dog says:

    What a great shame!
    On an interesting note, there is genuine French Indian fusion food in the ex French colonies in India (Pondicherry) – I saw a Rick Stein programme which included it last night. Part 1 is on YouTube, but not Part 2 yet… I imagine it will be posted in a day or two 😉

    • Pondicherry! Of course. There’s been generations of fusing there! Maybe the owners visited Pondicherry and wanted to attempt the cuisine. Should have stayed longer 🙂

  2. acrusteaten says:

    You can see the difference in the way the desserts are presented, they look like they came from a different restaurant! This is the nicest bad review I have ever read though, so well done.

  3. Karen says:

    Well at least not all was lost…the desserts and cheese look nice.

  4. What a shame – at least you could laugh about it!

  5. How disappointing! There is nothing worse than a bad meal. Well, at least the decor looked nice.

  6. A good cook can be a harsh (but accurate) restaurant critic 🙂

  7. Raymund says:

    Ohhhh look at that fondant, looks so divinely rich

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