Regular Chicken Wings


Isn’t it interesting the things we think of as regular or normal, according to our cultures or backgrounds?  Regular mushrooms, regular potato salads, regular houses, cars, cultures or religions.  I suppose the word “familiar” should be substituted for regular or normal and then we might have the courage and interest to explore or at least understand the unfamiliar/irregular/abnormal.  Or not.


In discussion over a before lunch Cremant, my husband and I agreed that we abhorred buffalo wings.  Too vinegary.  He was really happy that I was making normal chicken wings 😀  Normal being wings seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and perhaps paprika, dredged in flour, then oven baked in butter.  My mother made them like that.  His mother didn’t do chicken wings, but he learned to love the unfamiliar after marriage.


Cruising the Saturday market we tasted then bought some fresh peas that the farmer assured us was the first of his crop.  So nice.  10 minutes steaming is just right!


Don’t you just love fresh, non-GM produce?  Instead of a march on Monsanto, we should organize a 3.5 million person (10% of our population) march on Washington, D.C. and the lawmakers who are “aidin and abettin” Monsanto and the 2 other mega-corporations that are poisoning the American people for the love of profit.


The poultry man, in addition to chicken wings, was selling packages of fresh, butter spatzle, a Schwabian German specialty.  The peas and a few fresh herbs were perfect with this.


Regular Chicken Wings

1 1/2 lb chicken wings



Garlic powder

Smoked Paprika


A generous, Jamie knob of butter

Season the wings with the salt, pepper, garlic powder and smoked paprika, then dredge in the flour.  Put the butter in a baking pan and melt in a preheated 425 F oven.  Place the chicken wings, skin side down, in the butter and bake for 25 minutes.  Remove the baking pan, turn the wings, then return to the oven for 15-20 minutes until brown and crusty.

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43 Responses to Regular Chicken Wings

  1. I could nearly taste the sweetness of those peas 🙂 and you see what you have done to me? Now I have to enter my kitchen and make some Spaetzle – long overdue, as well! Thanks for the reminder

  2. cecilia says:

    They certainly are aiding and abetting them, very very recently the present govt (much to my disgust) passed a LAW that said you cannot sue Monsanto for FIVE years. They can pretty much endanger anybodies health any way they like now and they have immunity. Something is very, very rotton out there. I am so grateful that i can grow my own food! Those peas are simply beautiful. Wings are a very reasonable buy when you are buying organic, i shall get some and try this recipe.. looks lovely.. c

  3. fresh peas! Such a rarity in the days of frozen produce. Lovely 😉

  4. Mad Dog says:

    I quite like buffalo chicken wings, but they are not something you generally find in England, so in America they were a new thing to me – I did love the chilli sauce that goes with them. However, that said, I’m sure your wings taste delicious! I only ever buy fresh peas from the farmer’s market. I never liked frozen ones much and fresh farm produce tastes so much better than the vegetables from supermarkets – especially the asparagus I bought this morning 😉

  5. I am new to the Monsanto issue.. but agree on all counts with your thoughts! You always have the freshest of meals.. I’m envying your peas! I’ll try these wings on my son when he gets home:) xx

  6. sybaritica says:

    The wings sound great but I really like spaetzle and fresh peas idea!

  7. This look way too good to be regular, of course.

  8. acrusteaten says:

    So simple and comforting! Yum, yum!

  9. Eek to GM foods – I’m so with you on that. The wings look great and I don’t think the peas would have made it into the pot if I’d been shelling them 😉

  10. abbiecooking says:

    looks Yummy! should try this weekend. my kids will love it!!

  11. Those were baked in the oven?! Wow. Blink. Blink. Blink. You got great color on them, Rosemary. Really, really, really need to eat those wings now!

  12. Raymund says:

    What a coincidence we both posted chicken wings today 🙂 BTW love your post

  13. Tessa says:

    Your wings look delicious Rosemary! I’m curious… Who are the other two corporations?

  14. Those look amazing!

  15. Michelle says:

    I see a little Germany creeping into your normal. 🙂 Looks delicious.

  16. Beautiful pictures Rosemary and the chicken look so flavorful!

  17. OOh! I love the spaetzle/pea dish! I’m making something similar for dinner…
    I also abhor ‘buffalo sauce’ on wings or anything else. I think it’s a ‘fad sauce’ that has outstayed it’s welcome 🙂

  18. Bassa's Blog says:

    Fresh peas……wonderful!

  19. Paula says:

    Regular chicken wings chez my mom have salt, pepper and garlic, similar as yours 😉 Simple but so delicious. Sometimes she fries them, and sometimes she dredged in flour and baked in the oven (that’s what I like!).

    And, wow, I love Spätzle so much!! I bought the gadget to make them, because I love them more than pasta, but here, you can’t find fresh Spätzle, so I’m green with envie!! If you have not try, with brown butter they’re paradise!!

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