Garmisch – Edelweiss Lodge and Resort


Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is a U.S. military vacation facility located in Garmisch, Germany.  It is an absolutely gorgeous lodge with correct, upscale, friendly service.  English spoken everywhere, you would have thought you were in the U.S.


I was excited about accompanying my husband, who was involved in an advisory country development training of African military officers who would be staying at the lodge.


The Edelweiss has 4 different restaurants, unfortunately most were closed during our visit.  I think it has something to do with the recent military cutbacks.  Except for breakfast, eating options were confined to an underground restaurant called Zuggy’s.  Lord help us!


How can you get any worse than unhealthy American fast food?  Well, you can always have horribly prepared American fast food.  Zuggy’s is the king of dis-gus-ting!  Gummy bread, cold oven fried french fries, stuff in a cup called salsa, tepid chili in a cup.


When I asked that the chili be heated in a microwave, I was informed that they didn’t have a microwave and that the chili was kept on a warmer!!!???  For how long for it to reach tepid?  Boy howdy!  This was truly nasty food!  Such a pity because the location, rooms and service were excellent.  I was embarrassed because we had visitors from other countries and I knew that these people did judge us for this garbage cuisine.  We are so much better than this!

Thank God for breakfast!  As we were leaving, we noticing many interesting looking restaurants in the town of Garmisch.  Next time we will be there.  The heck with the special meal rate and solidarity with our military!   A person has got to enjoy!  I won’t discuss the wine.

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  1. Must admit, breakfast aside, that doesn’t look too appetising. That view though!

  2. Great looking sausage. Not that I’m surprised given the locale.

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh dear.

  4. SUch a shame. I feel the same when visitors from Spain go to the UK and are too scared to go into decent restaurants and order food and end up eating fast food then complain that English cuisine is dreadful 🙁

  5. I bet you’re glad to be out of there. Oorah!

  6. Karen says:

    It is a shame that not only was the food bad but served underground as well considering the wonderful view outside. There are very nice restaurants in old town Partenkirschen if you get a chance to go back.

  7. Tessa says:

    At least the view was gorgeous and the breakfast looked good.

  8. Bassa's Blog says:

    Oh dear! I am very surprised but as you say, it may be because of the cutbacks. However, that should not be an excuse to serve poor food. Beautiful location though.

  9. Ew. Saddest looking bread ever 🙁

    • The pictures aren’t very good but neither was the food. Not my fault.

      • Just terrible. I wonder how the troops eat . . .

        • Like that and they are probably happy 🙁

          • That is just too depressing to think that people who are asked to put their lives on the line are fed so poorly. I remember this NYT article awhile back about food in Afghanistan. Apparently all the American troops were trying to make friends with the French so they could get invited to their cantine. The French, of course, had fresh camembert.

            • It is terrible! But do we Americans care anymore, really, after eating over sugared, salted and fat fried food since the 1950s? Doesn’t this kind of food taste right to us? Unfortunately Daisy, I think it does. It’s only having been outside the U.S. for a number of years, eating fresh produce in correct quantities, eating meat that doesn’t liquefy in your month and being given cooking options for carbs, other than fried that we, as a family, are repelled by the usual American meal. Nobody in that “restaurant” looked unhappy but us.

              • No one else looked unhappy? *shaking head* That is so sad! It’s true though: a lot of people don’t really care about what they eat. As you know, in France they make public elementary school children take “tasting” classes for food. American politicians write this off as a ridiculous waste of money, but the way our food system works is so unsustainable. It all must start with education, right?

                • Of course you’re right. But our system is democratic and the majority rules. There was just a march on Monsanto this past Saturday with 50 countries participating and most of our States. Did you see this reported in the mainstream news? Hell no! And how many people cared? Not enough.

                  • I saw that in the NYT! Which, of course, the majority doesn’t read 🙁 Most people don’t even know how evil Monsanto is. I went to some food event a few days ago where the speaker showed pictures of a duster spraying fields full of Monsanto soybeans. He explained that the pesticide was designed to kill everything BUT the Monsanto plants. So evil, but people in the audience actually said, “Cool!” and “Magic!” Can you believe it?

  10. We have just got to inform our children and as many people as we can without sounding fanatic. Support small, non GM farmers by buying local. Or just move to France 🙂

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