Sun Dried Tomato Pesto


Back in the day, probably in West Africa, I saw a fantastic photo of sun dried tomato pesto in one of my magazine subscriptions; Gourmet, Bon Appetit or Food and Wine.  I wanted to make it so badly, but sun dried tomatoes were not available where ever it was I was living.


I copied down the recipe and filed it in my Hotmail with other “I wish I could” recipes.  There are some great recipes in that file!  It’s like Christmas!


Unfortunately, I was having one of those days and the only thing I wanted to make was the pesto.  Nothing else, just the pesto.  Eat it plain out of the bowl? Pesto on bread?


Okay, okay I had some fresh pappardelle and used that but it did seem like an effort in the beginning.  It felt like I HAD to cook and not like I WANTED to cook.  Don’t you just hate that?  It might have had something to do with the pasta pot and strainer that I knew I would have to wash afterwards.  I am a resentful dishwasher.  But it’s over now and the kitchen is clean 🙂


This morning I WANTED to make something from the leftover quail eggs, salsa and vegetable medley of yesterday and it was fun and good.  I just put some of the vegetables in the bottom of a ramekin, sliced the hard boiled quail eggs on top, sprinkled on grated cheese, reheated it in the microwave and dolloped on salsa.  Fantastic!

I made a few changes to the pesto recipe but I forgive myself 🙂

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

8.5 oz jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil, drained

1/4 cup pine nuts, toasted

2 tbsp roquette, chopped

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup Parmesan, grated

Chop the tomatoes, pine nuts, roquette, salt and pepper in a food processor, then with the motor running, add the olive oil in a stream.  Put into a bowl and stir in the cheese.  Serve with fresh, cooked pasta.

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43 Responses to Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

  1. Cynthia says:

    I have a friend who loves to make pestos. Looking forward to eating this on some toasted bread. 😉

  2. Mad Dog says:

    That looks like a great pesto!
    I can remember reading “A Year in Provence” when I lived in Atlanta. It was summer and very hot – the book gave me real craving for Pastis – it took me all day to find a single liquor store that had a bottle of Pernod. I had to pay top dollar for it too 😉

  3. Nice idea. When summer comes – when – I’m going to sun dry some tomatoes so that I can have some of that pesto for next winter. Maybe the winters will just join up in the end and I’ll have to make rutabaga pesto.

  4. cecilia says:

    I am in a pesto phase at the moment and I LOVE sundried tomatoes, i so wish i could make my own, but I certainly can buy them because I most definitely am going to be making this one, into my file it goes (copied out in a scribbly hand and popped into a big old cigar box.. I might be here a while, now where is that scribbly hand!?) have a lovely day.. I

  5. Great idea for a recipe. I’m always looking for new twists on pesto. I will give this a try soon. Nice blog post.

  6. Reblogged this on CARMEN.

  7. camakit says:

    Wow, what a great idea! I’ve always thought about what kind of pesto I can make that doesn’t only involve green herbs/veggies. Gonna try this asap 🙂

  8. trangquynh says:

    lovely recipe, thank you for sharing it, it’s such a perfect, fresh, light and healthy treat for the summer 🙂

  9. My favourite type of pesto – such a fantastic and dense flavour!

  10. iassakka says:

    I love the way you present your recipes, just as if they were a story. Great blog. Great job.

  11. Karen says:

    You certainly are eating well…both dishes look wonderful.

  12. simply perfect. love this combination of ingredients. so easy, yet so flavorful. I also love the wide pasta!

    • I like the pappardelle also. When I first tried it, I didn’t think I would, preferring tagliatelle or fettuccine, but now it’s one of my favorites.

  13. elyann14 says:

    Pesto on bread might not be that bad! 😉 It looks delicious, I just stumbled upon your blog and oved it straight away, looking forward reading more!

    Have a lovely day!

  14. I don’t mind a bit of pesto on bread 😉 This looks great!

  15. bec {daisy and the fox} says:

    these look delicious! and wonderful photography! 🙂
    pesto – here, there, anywhere! all time favourite!

  16. Tessa says:

    That pesto is would be awesome spread over some crusty bread…. Simply delicious!

  17. Paula says:

    I love all kinds of pesto, althought I’m a classic, my favourites are basil or dried tomato pesto.

    I like this pasta, cherry tomatoes makes fresh, even if the pesto is always a bit heavy.

  18. Pesto is wonderful, basil or tomato!

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  22. As I sit here staring at a mountain of basil pesto that is going in to the freezer (it’s been a banner year for basil here), I am thinking that if I make some of this and freeze it as well, I will have some divine Holiday host gifts. Homemade, from the garden, and red and green to boot, what could be better than that?

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