Jade Does Salad


It’s Mother’s Day and I am always allowed to do what I want on this day.  Yes, I could go to a restaurant but because most things are closed in Stuttgart on Sundays, I preferred to cook and Jade volunteered to do the salads.  She did a beautiful job on both the vegetable and the fruit.  Such an artist 🙂


Where’s the beef?  Well on our way back from Sens, we stopped into a Leclerc supermarket for God knows what reason but, as we were passing by the meat bins, a cote de boeuf (rib roast) called my husband’s name.  Responding, he asked if I had room in the freezer because he was traveling to West Africa during the week but wanted it upon his return.  A good husband who generally eats as he’s told, I replied that I could certainly wedge it into one of the freezers, no problem.


This was a two rib, Limousin beef,  prime rib, on sale.  How could I deny him or us?  My idea was to sear it on the grill and cook it off flame, not really sure of the cooking time.  While researching cooking times, I stumbled upon an incredible video.  I didn’t do it this way but I think I’ll have to do this one day.  De-ca-dent!

Almost persuaded but worried about our old hearts, I continued with my original idea of grilling.  I seasoned and seared the roast on both sides.


I then propped the bad boy up, off flame, closed the lid and roasted for 25 minutes.


The outside of the roast was perfect for the finicky in our family (hubby).


And the inside was correct for those of us who are “plus sophistique” 😀


Grilled Two Bone Prime Rib

2 bone prime rib



Garlic powder

Onion Powder

Season the meat with the salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder and allow to sit around for 1-2 hours.

Heat the grill to 500 F, then sear the meat on both sides.  Turn off half of the flame in the grill, then prop the prime rib up on it’s bones on the cold side, lower the lid and roast for 20-25 minutes.

Make some salad 😀

Wine suggestion:  Cote de Provence Rose

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35 Responses to Jade Does Salad

  1. Never thought to use the grill that way. I will have to try that as our grill is up and running for the season. Gorgeous salad!

  2. Tessa says:

    Jade does great salad! I hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s day Rosemary!

  3. Mad Dog says:

    Jades salads look great – the onion rings look particularly attractive.
    Your beef looks a lovely colour inside and out 🙂

  4. Janet Rörschåch says:

    Gorgeous salad, beautifully presented beef, and what a fun video. Loved hearing the accent!

  5. Fay says:

    Beautiful salads. The fruit arrangement is truly a work of art. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Becky says:

    Wow those salads are fantastic looking! Could you pass on the recipe?

    • Hi Becky. The fruit salad was a mix of star fruit, pomegranate, blood oranges and mache. The vegetable fruit was a mix of greens, tomatoes and purple onions.

  7. Crumbs that looks wonderful, a lovely salad and a beautifully cooked slab of beef.

  8. Absolute magic right there. Love a good rib roast!

  9. She has definitely learned a thing or two from her mom. Beautiful salads and steak.

  10. Lovely meal and what excellent presentation! I did a grilled rib last weekend (from a good butcher 😉 ) and it was divine – the char-grilling makes all the difference doesn’t it?

  11. Thank you Phil. I’d still like to try that buttery pan roasted prime rib 🙂

  12. Happy Mothers Day! This steak would please the caveman in any person! Delicious

  13. What beautiful salads! Jade certainly learned a few of your tricks 🙂

    And one day, I know you will cook a côte de bœuf in 1k of butter 🙂

  14. I particularly like how he says “some” butter 🙂

  15. Susan says:

    My gosh! What a feast! I have done beef in butter like that before. It is worth trying at least once in your life. 🙂

  16. Truly great post. Apart from the salads, that look fantastic, I was blown away by the video of the beef cookery, If you’re going to eat meat, that’s the way. I have to do this.

  17. There is nothing better than an iron rich juicy seasoned steak and a salad. I really love your addition of star fruit, it gives it that exotic feel. Happy belated mothers day. Take care, BAM

  18. Paula says:

    The second salad is precious. I always make ugly food, even if it was going to be cute. Jade has good hand!! And, I’m sure, there is a little of love there 😉

    Meat also looks great!!

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