Taverne Kohler Rehm, Strasbourg


I want some Staub bakeware.  I have Le Creuset and Emile Henry but I also like the rustic, simplicity of Staub.  Look at Frugal’s mini casseroles http://frugalfeeding.com/2013/04/16/springtime-minestrone/.  So pretty!


Unfortunately, I had just made an outrageous hit on the fine china outlet in Gien that left my husband speechless, and I think it would have really gotten on his nerves if I had mentioned buying anything else.  You can only push Mother’s Day so far 😀


The Taverne Kohler Rehm right on Place Kleber in Strasbourg is a brasserie type restaurant with plain, local French cuisine that is “correct” and an outdoor terrace that is perfect for people watching.  We had plenty of time before dropping Jade off for her bus ride back to school and the weather was gorgeous, so we decided to have a chatty, leisurely lunch.


The pichet of Rose was good but, unfortunately, it suffered in comparison to a stellar Rose that we had in Gien.  We’ll be going back for more of that!


Jade ordered a creamy carbonara casserole with red peppercorns and my husband ordered the special, a porky version of wiener schnitzel, and certainly enjoyed it.


My rognons de veau (veal kidneys) was one of the best I’ve ever had; perfectly cooked kidneys, served in a light sauce with fresh spatzle.  



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24 Responses to Taverne Kohler Rehm, Strasbourg

  1. Great looking food – love that my pots get a mention. I think Staub is wonderful!

  2. Kidney is quite possibly the only food in the world in I don’t like, but that pic is making me think about giving them another try,,, and I don’t even know what’s in it.

  3. This looks delicious – even the kidneys have my mouth watering!

  4. IRENA says:

    Staub and Creuset are always a good buy, worth the money paid. Big like for the meal! Take care 😉

  5. Conor Bofin says:

    I stood in front of some Staub recently and could not bring myself to part with the cash. A decision I will live to regret.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    The food there looks very good – i particularly like the addition of the red peppercorns, in terms of presentation, on Jade’s carbonara.
    I have a very good collection of Le Creuset and a few other similar cast iron pans. I was given a tiny ceramic Le Creuset casserole for Christmas and have no idea what to cook in it, but it was the nicest present I received. Perhaps I could do a pigeon kidney casserole and add ingredients with a pipette 🙂

  7. Sounds like you’re eating and drinking well, whilst still having time to give those retail outlets a good work out:)

  8. Love Staub as well. So heavy (big pots) but fabulous for slow cooking.

  9. Paula says:

    Oh, Jade is cute with that hat!!

    We have rented a car, and this summer we’ll explore Alsace, Schwarzwald and some Austria and Switzerland, so we’ll stay in Strasbourg and its area. I’ll be attentive to you, as I need ideas 😉

    And, of course, if you have an idea, a special restaurant you love in Strasbourg, I’d be delighted if you wanted to share it with me 😉 I’ll search archives, you tend to speak about restaurants, perhaps I find someone in the area 😉

    Taverne Kohler, if I can take with me the Staub, sounds gout. Just joking, of course. And, I’m more of Emile Henry!

  10. Have a good time Paula. It’s such a nice area. Let me know how you love it.

  11. ElPobre says:

    Where can I purchase the wine glasses pictured above? Thanks.

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