Cuisine de Lolie, Sens France


Down the German autobahn to Sens, France like a band of gypsies, Quincy howling out his indignation at being shut up in a box and country music blasting to prevent us from tossing him from the speeding car.


When we reached Champagne country, “a pause for the cause” brought us to a packed restaurant called The Grill on the outskirts of Troyes.  We didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy this very good food but we will go back.  The andouillette was fabulous!


I had planned to cook when we got home but there were too many people to see and things to do.  I did go to the market for butter, boudin noir and grapes 🙂


And we did have a coffee, my husband in his very cool, “hand-me-up” leather jacket, a Christmas present we bought for our son one year that he never liked and refused to wear. My husband loves hand-me-ups 🙂


We invited the Parrets to lunch at Cuisine de Lolie, an upscale restaurant on the pedestrian walk.


Someone grumbled about the lack of tablecloths, I won’t say who, but he was old and French.  You know who you are.


We began our meal with good quality foie gras on gingerbread.  Yummy!


Cuisine de Lolie’s trio of appetizers was both tasty and attractive, but I did think that the chef should temper his enthusiasm for paprika plate decoration 🙂  The seche and it’s sauce was brilliant!


Lolie’s menu consists of mostly what I would call nouveau cuisine but you can also find a few of the traditional, brasserie plates like this succulent, market chicken with buttery noodles.


The salmon with lentils was a great pairing, but the under cooked, crunchy lentils disappointed, especially with the perfectly cooked salmon.  I have to think that this chef wasn’t feeling it that day.  I know.  I’ve been there.


The catch of the day, Coquilles St. Jacques, was a popular hit all around and just for this dish, we’d want to come back.


The cheese plate pleased our cheese experts, the Parrets, for both content and presentation.  Art.  See above.  And, of course, the Cuisine de Lolie knows how to present a Cafe Gourmand. Bravo!


Overall this restaurant has good service, a pleasant atmosphere and good food.  I would recommend it!

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  1. When are you going to invite the Livermores? (that’s my surname) – hehe. Looking lovely. You lead a good life.

  2. izabi says:

    Hi , I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award.Check it out here
    congrats! おめでとう!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love the image (in my mind) of the cat howling and the country music playing! The former is a familiar sound every time we have to take ours to the vet. Can’t imagine an international (even just the EU version) journey. That cheese and salad plate looks mighty good, too.

    • Poor Quincy. He has to go with us because Bandit has to go (epileptic) and Quincy would be lonely if we left him at home. Bandit doesn’t mind the ride.

      The cheese plate could be a nice lunch itself.

  4. Nothing wrong with that except – why is the plating so totally insane? I love simple white plates, or even the marble pattern edged plates of some brasseries. This stuff looks like they went to the crockery department in Super U:)

  5. It all looks amazing (apart from the paprika fetish) and I love the idea of “hand me ups” 🙂

  6. Mad Dog says:

    I agree with Roger, but you’ve had a good day in France and it’s the food and company, not the plates, that counts 😉

  7. lolarugula says:

    I love the term Hand-me-up’s…I may have to borrow! Such beautiful photos, even if every last bite wasn’t up to par.

  8. Paula says:

    Well, a table needs a tablecloth!!!!

    However, I’d complain before, but not after trying so delicious food. It looks great!!

    And look, dessert hasn’t paprika!!!

    One of the things I love more of eating in France (can sound ridiculous) is that you can choose for dessert, café gourmand!! Here is not mery common.

  9. Ahh, how I’ve missed Les Parret!

  10. What a wonderful restaurant – another one for my bucket list!! Thanks for sharing your meals!

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