Mice Flying


Our little cat, Bandit, unfortunately is epileptic and has to take medication during her lifetime to decrease the seizures.  This makes us sad, but what a busy, happy, curious cat we have most of the time.  Medication low, we sought a veterinarian in our part of the city, Waiblingen, hoping that there wouldn’t be any hassles, language/diagnosis,  in getting the same kind of medication we had for Bandit in France.  No problem.  We found a youngish, pleasant, English familiar, German veterinarian close to our house who was somewhat an expert in epileptic animals.  Bizarre, before we got Bandit, we didn’t realize that animal epilepsy existed!   Anyway.


On the way to the Vet,  my husband and I were discussing rabies vaccinations.  I contended that in Europe, they were unnecessary because rabies has been eradicated on the continent.  Non!  He averred.  We asked the Vet and of course I was right 🙂  He said that there was no rabies in Europe except for the noncontagious kind found in “mice flying”.  After choking down spontaneous, ugly American laughter, we asked if he meant bats.  Yes.  After that, we were all allowed to laugh hysterically for 5 minutes or so with him not at him, triumphing once again, over immature senility.

Finally recovered from the debilitating Stuttgart flu, I decided that I needed a food shopping day in town, in a French town, in France.  This worked out well because our daughter had a penitential, kneeling, bowing and scraping convent sleepover on Friday in the Alsatian town of Mariental and needed to be picked up at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.  Well, okay!  I checked out the Saturday farmer’s markets in the area and found one not far from Mariental in the town of Bischwiller.  We left Stuttgart at 7:30 a.m. in order to get the best produce.

I think that Bischwiller must have had a bad war or something from which they have never recovered.  The invading armies must have salted the earth because I have never seen such a sickly, distorted selection of market vegetables in France before!   Bleah!  I could have wept, I was so disappointed.  I bought nothing.  We stopped in town for a coffee but I think we were too close to the border 🙁

On the way out of town, I saw a supermarket called Super U and remembered seeing this chain in the Vendee region of France when I took my photography class with Roger Stowell  http://camerahols.com.  Rather then leave empty handed, we stopped at the Super U and I’m glad we did.  They had everything!


The fish counter fish looked as if they had just been pulled from the ocean!  I bought a boatload, including a large perch fillet for deep frying.


Rabbit, duck, poussin, beef, veal, veg and fruits!  I bought them all.  At one point I was giddily commenting on the color of the veal to my husband and, looking up, realized I was talking to a strange man.  “I thought you were my husband,” I babbled in English, “but you’re not”, I giggled.  Poor man, he sort of edged away 🙂  I had a wonderful time!


After a fortifying lunch with corked wine, we visited a number of Alsatian pottery shops.  The colors and style of this pottery is not really to my taste but I did find some more porcelain animals including two little frogs, in case of a garlicky plate of frogs’ legs.


Cajun Fried Perch

1 large ocean perch fillet, cut into serving pieces

Emeril’s essence or other Cajun/Creole seasoning

Dijon mustard


Peanut oil

Season the perch with the essence and set aside for about 30 minutes.  Brush both sides of the perch with mustard, dust with the flour, then deep fry in the peanut oil until golden.

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28 Responses to Mice Flying

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Lovely looking perch and I bet your freezer is very happy 😉
    I’m glad you we able to turn a disappointing market trip into something good.
    Poor little bandit – I bet cats would love real flying mice…

  2. Thank you Mad. What Bandit would really like is to be a flying cat 🙂 Surprise the heck out of those pesky birds.

  3. Wowee – that fish looks so great. I had no idea about animal epilepsy… you learn something new every day.

  4. Now that’s one fish I’ve never tried, but would happily eat that! I used to catch them as a kid, but they were never big enough to eat. Love it when you find a good store with great produce.

  5. I’ve never tried perch, but I love how you have treated it here, the coating looks wonderful.

  6. Karista says:

    What beautiful Cajun Fried Perch! I don’t know what I’d do without Emeril’s Essence. It’s so wonderful to stumble upon beautiful meats, fish and produce. Truly does make one giddy! 🙂

  7. Michelle says:


  8. cecilia says:

    You are brilliant, i can just imagine your delight and as for those Mice Flying.. gorgeous, you guys will be giggling over that for years! c

  9. Hurrah for Super U. I’m off there in a minute. Alsace is a bit too sweet and sickly for me – like an eternal film set. They do make fabulous wine however, and I would have filled my car with it.

  10. Love cajun spices. This looks great. Glad you were able to find a new vet for your cat.

  11. Poor little bandit – my last dog used to suffer from petit mal when she got older 🙁 Glad your trip turned out well in the end with lots of lovely goodies for your freezer!

  12. So funny! And it sounds like you have an incredibly patient husband! You made him carry the haul back, right? 🙂

  13. I call squirrels flying rodents. You learn new things all the time. Fish looks great.

  14. How nice to have found the frogs to add to your little collection.

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