Spinach, Bacon, Mushroom and Brie Omelette.


I know that I made a salad yesterday http://cookinginsens.com/2013/01/22/spinach-bacon-egg-and-mushroom-salad/ with almost the same ingredients, but I have a lot of spinach, mushrooms and, honestly, a lot of vegetables that I bought greedily at the farmers’ market on Saturday.


Mad Dog at http://maddogtvdinners.wordpress.com/ inadvertently gave me the idea for today’s plate.  Thanks Dog.  It was delicious!


I’ve been wanting to retry Rachel Khoo’s plain souffle omelette http://cookinginsens.com/2012/04/06/rachel-khoos-omelette-souffle-with-basque-piperade/ again, but with the addition of fillings.


This recipe makes an elegant, presentable, scrumptious breakfast/brunch/lunch for 4.

Spinach, Bacon, Mushroom and Brie Omelette

1 cup baby spinach

1/4 cup lardons

1 tbsp butter

2 scallions, sliced

4 mushrooms, sliced

1/3 cup brie, diced

4 eggs, separated

A pinch of salt

1 tbsp butter

Steam the spinach, squeeze dry and set aside.  Brown the lardons, drain and set aside.   Saute the scallions in the butter until soft, then add the mushrooms, continue to cook for about 2 minutes, remove from pan and set aside.

Whisk the egg yolks for 1 minute, then set aside.  Beat the egg whites with the salt until stiff.  Fold the whites into the yolks.

Melt the butter in an oven proof skillet on top of the stove, layer in the vegetables,  lardons, and brie.  Add the eggs and cook for about 3 minutes, then place the skillet in a preheated 350 F oven for about 4 -6 minutes.

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28 Responses to Spinach, Bacon, Mushroom and Brie Omelette.

  1. I think the French would class you as their own after such a perfect omelette. Looks divine.

  2. I love omelettes with spinach and bacon. Lovely pictures making me want to make omelettes for dinner tonight.

  3. Wowee, Rosemary – that’s an impressive and imposing omelette!

  4. My French Heaven says:

    That looks incredible! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Mad Dog says:

    Ha ha – that does look good 🙂

  6. Tessa says:

    Pretty omelette!

  7. Such a lovely omelette! Never used brie before. Will have to give it a try. Thanks you for sharing.

  8. Your omelette is a triumph. It looks so light and fluffy. Eggs are such wonderful ingredients where would we be without them?!

  9. A perfect omelette. And I have just borrowed Rachel Khoo´s book from the library as am thinking of buying it … a test drive so to speak!

  10. rsmacaalay says:

    Wow thats a perfect looking omelet, nice dish to start a day

  11. Paula says:

    I love this!!

    I’m addicted to Rachel Khoo, her recipes, TV program, book, and her soooo miniature kitchen!!

    The recipe reminds me the soufflé omelette mom made me sometimes for dinner, but never tried with spinach and mushroom (at that time I didn’t like much… and she used turkey lacón, that I think is shoulder).
    You’ve given me a new idea, now that I like both mushrooms and spinach so much.

  12. Bassa's Blog says:

    Exquisite photos! You are one of the most talented food photographers I have ever come across.

  13. Look how wonderfully puffy that is. Gorgeous.

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