Creole Seasoned Baked Chicken with Vegetable Gratin


Jade is off to the convent on Friday to prepare for her confirmation, so she won’t be coming to Germany this weekend.  She wasn’t very excited about it but I was; I’ve never been inside of a “nunnery.”  I was thinking hard cots and cold cells but I guess not; we had to supply her with a sleeping bag.  Seems like cheating to me 🙂  Anyway, we’re moving to the new house on Saturday and I will leave for Sens on Sunday morning for coffee and the holidays.  Jade and her father will join me a week later and our son will be coming in from Burkina on the 23rd.  So exciting!  What will I make for Christmas dinner?!!  Whatever I decide, I’ve got Jade’s new, Manfrotto tripod and life is good!


I bought some mini heads of cauliflower and broccoli the other day.  I think mini vegetables are so cute!  I thought of my cauliflower and sweet potato gratin and thought I’d do a variation, adding the broccoli and using cheddar cheese instead of Comte.


I knew the cheddar would be fine with the broccoli and cauliflower but was rather nervous about the sweet potato.  No need!  The broccoli embraced the sweet potato in a new, to me at least, surprisingly delicious combination and the cheddar enhanced all.  That was lucky 🙂  I’ve done this also with romanesco but I thought the broccoli and the addition of cheddar might be a bit strong for the sweet potato.  Pas de tout!


The chicken was a no brainer; Emeril’s essence, flour, butter, bake.  I’d like to say that I chose this method for the chicken out of concern that something more complex might overwhelm the gratin, but the truth is that I make chicken like this often because it’s easy, changing only seasoning.  I did think the “essence” flavoring would compliment the sweet potato.


If I start having way too much fun to post during the holidays, have a Merry Christmas/  Happy New Year and/or Happy Holidays, however you celebrate the season  🙂


Creole Seasoned Baked Chicken

3-4 chicken legs

Emeril’s essence


2 tbsp butter

Sprinkle the legs with the essence and rub in, then dust with flour.  Melt the butter in a baking pan in a 400 F oven.  Place the chicken legs, skin side down into the pan and bake for 25 minutes.  Turn the chicken legs and continue to bake for another 15 minutes.

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28 Responses to Creole Seasoned Baked Chicken with Vegetable Gratin

  1. Mad Dog says:

    That looks like great chicken and vegetables. I particularly like the picture of the chicken sprinkled in the red essence 😉
    I do hope you don’t desert us for Christmas just yet…

  2. Different and interesting… Naw, I’m only kidding. That looks incredible! Delicious, Rosemary!

  3. putneyfarm says:

    Looks beautiful…and tasty, as always!

  4. Oh I’d do that with Old Bay! Nothing against Emeril. I love it when you get back to your roots.

  5. ratedkb says:

    The chicken looks wonderful !

  6. Emeril’s essence is another piece of Americana that I’d not heard about until today. If you like it, I guess I would too:)

  7. Those vegetables look wonderful. I went to a convent school (not boarding) and have to say, the nuns were mostly great fun…well, apart from Sister Sylvia who was our cookery teacher. I am amazed she didn´t put me off cooking for life, she was such a horrible woman!

  8. Stunning photographs, as always. The recipe is wonderful. The Creole seasoning looks wonderful.

  9. Now that I have finished my eBook (‘Bassa’s World’ – available on Amazon) I can get back to blogging and will probably post a new recipe on Georgia About in the next couple of days.

  10. That looks like a must try recipe and I love the clicks.

  11. Looks amazing! Love the new tajine. The white is such a classy color on the pottery!

    And you really did ship Jade off to a nunnery! Whoa!

  12. Baby boomers never grow up 🙂

  13. Karen says:

    A tasty looking meal…I like the vegetable combination. Congratulations on the new house.

  14. Looks amazing!


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