Teriyaki Marinated Mystery Fish

At the butcher/traiteur/fishmonger last week, I bought two nice fillets of a different looking fish, maybe a river fish and put them in the freezer.  Unfortunately, I didn’t note the name although the proprietor seemed excited about it and said the name several times.

So that’s why.  Maybe a type of carp or catfish?  Firm flesh and very tasty.  Perfect for the teriyaki marinade.

Makes a nice lunch or dinner with some fried rice http://cookinginsens.com/2012/11/26/really-easy-fried-rice/ and spicy kimchi.

Teriyaki Marinated Fish

1 1/2 lb catfish fillets

Chinese five spice powder

Teriyaki marinade

1 tbsp sesame oil

Sprinkle the fillets with the five spice powder then marinate the fish in the teriyaki marinade for about 30 minutes.

Heat the sesame oil in a saute pan and fry the fish for about 4 minutes per side.

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25 Responses to Teriyaki Marinated Mystery Fish

  1. Beautifully spiced and cooked fish, simplicity to create a stunning meal.

  2. Could the fish be “omble chevalier” which is found in the Swiss lakes near Geneva. It’s treated as a bit of a special fish.

  3. That looks great! You should try and get some dogfish – they call it rock salmon… it’s delicious 😀

  4. Karen says:

    Love that you added five spice to the fish. I’m sure it was delicious.

  5. You’re always so adventurous. This looks great.

  6. Mmmmmm! Mystery fish 🙂

    Looks good!

  7. Mad Dog says:

    I like catfish, but haven’t had much since I lived in Georgia. Your recipe sounds great 🙂

  8. Conor Bofin says:

    Mystery fish. I like it. We have a few of them lurking in the freezer.

  9. So many exotic and flavorful dishes on one plate.. catfish, 5 spice.. spicy kimchi, I’d love this!

  10. joeyhl says:

    sounds so easy and delicious! I think i’m going to make this VERY soon!!!

  11. Love a good mystery – and five spice too!

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