Alsace: Hotel Les Pins

In April of this year, I took the Zen train from Bourgogne to Alsace in order to enroll Jade in boarding school.  We stayed for several days at the Hotel Les Pins in Haguenau, France and were impressed with both the hotel and it’s restaurant  Jade’s La Toussaint,  two week vacation is over and yesterday we took her back to school, but not before stopping into the Les Pins restaurant for lunch 🙂

This restaurant is always busy and Sunday was no exception.  However, the owner found a nice spot for us, overlooking the gardens.  Our old table 🙂  Our aperitifs were accompanied by marinated olives, pretzels and a rich, garden squash veloute.

Jade and I made our selections from the French Terroir menu, my husband from the Alsace menu.  For an additional 15 euros per menu, my husband and I received 3 glasses of wine, chosen by the house, to compliment our entree and main course selections.  Good deal.  My husband began with a perfect, truffle streaked slice of foie gras, served with a sumptuous fig confit and Jade with a marbled terrine of duck and it’s foie gras.  Fabulous!

My carpaccio of salmon was so drenched with questionable olive oil, I’d like to forget about it as soon as possible 🙁

Jade chided her father on his main course selection of Alsatian biche or Bambi in mushroom sauce.  Still, after a bite, she agreed that deer are only pets in story books but are food in real life.  Good girl!  As we were leaving, she tossed a predatory look at the fluffy, white bunny rabbit on the lawn 🙂

I’m always proud of my children in restaurants.  Their tastes are adventurous, sophisticated and qualitative.

Jade chose the scallop topped polenta, drizzled with a thick balsamic veloute.  Primo.

For me, the always delicious, French souris d’agneau or lamb shank with a wine based sauce.

We didn’t have room for the cheese, but we did have a coffee.

And split the coffee that came with Jade’s spectacular Cafe Gourmand.

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  1. Eating in Alsace is great. Some restaurants try a bit too hard in their presentation and manage to ruin good ingredients. The white wines of Alsace are amongst my favourite wines – quite amazing.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    That looks excellent and well done Jade for the adventurous spirit 🙂

  3. Pity about the salmon but the rest of the food looks amazing. Isn’t it fun having children that enjoy good food?

    • Thank you. I knew a child, some years ago, who refused to eat anything but macaroni and cheese; at home, in restaurants and carried in a tupperware by his mom when invited to our house for dinner. The child is now an overweight adult.

      I believe your childrens’ tastes are set when they begin eating solid food. When my toddlers refused to eat something one day, I’d give it to them again another day. Eventually they were eating everything and still are today 🙂

  4. That dessert.. I can’t get past that dessert! Wonderful!!

  5. It all looks aamzing – what value, what fun!

  6. Karen says:

    Sunday lunch with family is always special even if every dish isn’t just as you hoped for. Over all, it sounds like a nice meal.

  7. Looks like a great meal, minus the questionable olive oil. But glad to hear that Jade is now able to compartmentalize better 😉

    And congrats to you for raising good eaters!

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