Baby It’s Cold Outside

It snowed before Halloween!  Of course when we arrived here everyone said, “We don’t get much snow here in Stuttgart because the city is located in a bowl,  etc, etc.”  I think everyone forgets about Winter and what happened as soon as Spring comes.

We fortified ourselves to brave the freezing inclement weather with coffee and a hungry man breakfast.  Bacon a-go-go!   American, from the commissary 🙂

I wanted to put on my very chic, 3/4 length mink coat that I found in a used clothing store in Strasbourg but there was a fanatic, well attended demonstration for a “fur free Stuttgart” all day Saturday.  So I just layered up and put my light weight corduroy coat over all. Haters.

We had an appointment to see a house at 3:00 p.m., so decided to do a little shopping, have lunch out and buy a de rigueur shopping cart.

My husband had attended a business dinner at a Greek restaurant called Ilysia and wanted to take us there.  Good choice.

Unfortunately, I had both a bad hair and bad photo day and didn’t do the food justice.  The owner greeted each guest, making us feel welcome and valued.  So correct!  We chose a piney, Greek retsina and a full bodied Greek red to accompany our meals.  Both were more than drinkable.  Too bad about the waiter and ketchup in packets.

My husband had the Ilysia platter with grilled pork and lamb, rice, tzatziki and onions.  Fabulous!  Jade had the crusty exterior, succulent interior salmon with pesto butter and peasant fries.  My calamari was perfectly cooked and the accompanying sauteed zucchini were brilliant!

After coffee and dessert, we were served complimentary ouzos.  Needless to say, we breezed through the house viewing in a warm and toasty mood 🙂  Hail fellow, well met, quoi.

After seeing the house, we went over to my favorite grocer, Feinkost Bohm.  They had set up an oyster bar, under a tent, outside of the store in the below freezing weather.  It was packed!  We completed our shopping and, wanting to get into the spirit of Stuttgart, joined the thick skinned Germans at the oyster bar.  The oysters and wine were perfect but it was so cold that my hand held camera shots were worse than usual.

Still, good day, good time.

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  1. You always seem to be having a gorgeous adventure, even just going to the grocery…

  2. I remember going with Jenny to New York for New Year’s Day. Jenny took her fur coat as she couldn’t wear it in London. It was so hot in New York that we sitting in Union Square in tee shirts. We left and New York was hit by an ice storm:)

  3. Mad Dog says:

    You’ll appreciate all that heavy German food now 😉
    That’s a beautiful red tree outside your apartment. I think I’d want shots of schnapps to go with oysters outside on a cold day!

  4. Ben says:

    Like your shopping cart. What brand is it? Would love to find it in NYC.

  5. Tessa says:

    That plate of bacon and eggs really caught my attention. Without a doubt, one of my favorite weekend breakfasts. Snow before Halloween? Brrrrr….. Looks like you are going to have to gear up for a long winter. So, I have to ask a question… Were any of the demonstrators wearing leather shoes :)?

  6. Vintage fur is OK. People didn’t know better and really it’s a tribute to the animal.That coat should live on. A few years ago we went to one of the swank bars in town and Katherine was the only woman without a mink. This is the most I’ve talked about clothes in ages. Food looks great as always.

  7. Hope your shopping cart has snow tires! LOL

  8. rsmacaalay says:

    Wow that looks really cold in there, I’m lucky the sun is shining at my end

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