Chinese Sunday

Hungry but not quite up to massive quantities of pork, we decided to have lunch in one of the town center’s Chinese restaurants.  The fact that this particular restaurant had lots of Chinese customers, recommended it.  Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to the name, but I know where it is 🙂  Greedily, we began with two plates of steamed dumplings with a spicy dipping sauce.

The Sichaun fried sea bream was gone before I remembered to take a picture.  It was good but we thought it could have been spicier.

The plain noodles we ordered came with bright, crunchy, multi-colored strips of sweet peppers and browned onions.

Although the spicy pork strips with scallions were well received, everyone agreed that the winner of the day was the wedges of tender, skin on, aubergine in a thick, rich Chinese tomato sauce.  We couldn’t finish this, but we wanted to.  I’m going to look around and try to duplicate this dish when I have a kitchen again.

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  1. Mad Dog says:

    You must be on a roll – two posts in a day!
    I’m jealous of the sea bream, I love Sichuan food 😉

  2. Jon says:

    that last dish is one of my favorites; i’ll jot down my version in a free moment.

  3. Tessa says:

    Looks like you finally found a good place to eat :).

  4. And you, my friend, make food photography look easy!! That eggplant dish looks to-die-for. Will be waiting for that recipe, if you can perfect it!!

  5. Sounds like everything I would have ordered…those aubergines look amazing!

  6. Hello, Rosemary! This meal sounds fantastic!

  7. ceciliag says:

    I do look forward to you having a kitchen again however those shots were very appetising. c

  8. Well, the Germans certainly appear to have more authentic Chinese restaurants than the boondocks of France. Glad you found something good to eat:)

  9. nuannuan921 says:

    hello. it looks like u like Chinese food pretty much. expecially the spicy ones. i really miss the pork in garlic sauce in China. there’s a little differance between American Chinese food. but if u like spicy food,maybe u can try hot pot someday. ^ω^

  10. rsmacaalay says:

    My kind of dishes!

  11. walter says:

    So refreshing to see your cuisine in this bastion of French wine and cuisine, lovely blog and lovely photos

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